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13 – Wisdom Wednesday – AKC Judge Virginia Lyne

School is in Session!

After nearly 50 years of Canadian and AKC judging, "Ginny" Lyne sets us straight.  Here are just a few of the high points:

Be fascinated by all dogs, not just your own breed.

History of judge education - oral committee exams, written, closed book exams.

Be curious, ask questions, learn what is behind the breed.

Virginia Lyne

Comments & Critiques & Education

In the ring - Help exhibitors feel that they understand the selection, that it is not a mystery, and help them to breed better dogs.

Learn from exhibitors - judges might ask knowledgeable exhibitors questions on the finer points of their breed.

Judges education is very expensive.

Hands on training is critical

Judges Study Group

Story of British Columbia study group

Consider side by side comparisons

It's just another dog show - lighten up.

Find something positive about each dog to say.

See what your dog looks like in the ring.

The dog that you went into the ring, is the dog you take out... the judge didn't change that.



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