83 – Mike and Karen Kurtzner: Mentors, Field Judge and Beagle Buddies

Mike and Karen Kurtzner

Mike and Karen Kurtzner

Mike and Karen are professional handlers that have both been mentored by some of the great dog people of the past, but have trained some of the stars today.  Boarding kennel owners in the Sacramento, California area, they have been in dogs since the 1960's, and have more than a few stories to tell.

This episode of Pure Dog Talk is quite enjoyable, and Laura's introduction gives a bit of insight and respect to two people who deserve it.

Did You Know?

  • Mike raised homing pigeons
  • One of the first all breed handlers in the licensing system
  • Married to Karen for 33 Years - Kudos to Karen and Mike!

Ch Kahootz Chase Manhattan

Many know and remember Mike as the handler of 13 inch Beagle "Ben" - Ch Kahootz Chase Manhattan, but there is much more to Mike and Karen.

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Original Handler Licensing System

Once upon a time, you had to be licensed for each breed that you handled.  AKC reps inspected your kennel,  your set-up at the shows and your license had to be renewed each year.  Mike and Karen tell the stories of how the original handler system worked.

Field Judge and Beagles on the Scent

Mike is full of surprises, so if you want to know about Beagles, scents and field work, here you go...

Thank you to Mike and Karen for a great interview.


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