Breeders’ Voice — Kerrie Kuper, Karasar Whippets | Pure Dog Talk

Another amazing Breeder Owner Handler joins us in celebrating our Master Breeders. Breeders’ Voice is fortunate to share 50 years of breeding knowledge and experience from Kerrie Kuper, Karasar Whippets. Please feel free to share this knowledge with friends and fellow exhibitors. Kuper offers absolutely rock solid, time tested breeding principles and cheer-leading for those who would follow in her footsteps.

Breeders’ Voice: Kristi Green – Knockout Chihuahuas

Breeders’ Voice:  Kristi Green—Knockout Chihuahuas A couple years ago, I interviewed and compiled...

Breeders’ Voice: Jere Marder – Lambluv Old English Sheepdogs

Jere Marder’s world renowned Lambluv Old English Sheepdogs are the result of a Christmas gift from her husband that has kept on giving for more than 40 years. For years she managed a successful breeding and show program from a condo near Chicago. But before that, she choreographed school musicals and taught at her own dance studio in the city. Lambluv dogs have reached #1 in both the Working group and since it was split in the Herding group. The first few were shown by local professional handler, Jack Funk, but since then, Jere has taken over the leash and her top specials are exclusively breeder-owner handled.

Michelle Santana – Foxfire Dobermans|Breeders’ Voice on Pure Dog Talk

Michelle Santana of Foxfire Dobermans has been voted Breeder of the Year by her peers and Working Group Breeder of the Year by the American Kennel Club. She has a lifetime devoted to her beloved breed, focused on a style of dog that she has permanently emblazoned on her mind’s eye.