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214 – Dancing with Dogs: Jere Marder, Lambluv OES | Pure Dog Talk

Her Dance Partner is Her Dog Jere Marder was a high school teacher when her husband brought her an OES puppy as a Christmas present. Her world renowned Lambluv Old English Sheepdogs are the result of a gift that has kept on giving for more than 40 years. She managed a successful breeding and show…


206 — Love the Breeds: Shar Pei with Andrea Robins | Pure Dog Talk

Ancient Chinese Shar Pei Breed Finds Resurgence in North America Andrea Robins, a founding member of the Chinese Shar Pei Club of Canada, acquired her first Pei in 1983. She worked to get foundation stock registered in Canada and this ancient Chinese guard breed recognized there in 1991. According to the CSPCC, “It is generally…


203 – Love the Breeds: Harriers – Rare, Smart, Vocal | Pure Dog Talk

Harriers Are Small in Numbers, Big in Personality Fewer than 300 Harriers, total, are registered in the US, according to breed experts. Just two litters were whelped nationwide in 2017. “There are probably more tigers in the U.S. than Harriers,” said Donna Smiley, the only Master of Harriers in the country. PureDogTalk host Laura Reeves…


191 — Love the Breeds: German Shorthaired Pointer Roundtable | Pure Dog Talk

German Engineered for Versatility German Shorthaired Pointers are “energetic and athletic,” “full of vim and vigor” and “need a little room to burn off energy *every* day,” according to the experts. PureDogTalk caught up with three long time GSP breeders at their national specialty show in Boise, Idaho in May. Char Rutar, AKC Conformation judge,…


186 — Canalizo: Ghosts of the Past and Breeding for the Future | Pure Dog Talk

Ghosts of the Past and Breeding for the Future Legendary breeder, handler and dog man, Michael Canalizo is most associated with the Afghan Hounds of Grandeur. He handled the iconic Afghan bitch, Ch. Tryst of Grandeur, to the pinnacle of all-time top winning hound. He spoke with PureDogTalk about breeding, handling, history and the wave…


184 – Merriam: Guts and Governance, the Bull Terrier, Breeders | Pure Dog Talk

“Guts and Governance” of purebred dogs, the Bull Terrier and Breeders Hon. David Merriam was given a White Bull Terrier in 1953. “Gigi” was the gift that keeps on giving, starting a 65-year love affair with the breed and purebred dogs. When Merriam was given Gigi, he had some Collies. “They were not very good…


182 – Love the Breeds: Clumber Spaniel Roundtable | Pure Dog Talk

Love the Breeds: Clumber Spaniel Roundtable Clumber Spaniels are not for everyone, these three breeders say, but for those who love them, they’ll never have another breed. Shedding, snoring and slobbering aside, they agree that the dedication and humor of the Clumber Spaniel is what endears them to their owners. “You can come home from…

Tibetan Mastiff

175 — Tibetan Mastiff History, Lore and Modern Living | Pure Dog Talk

Tibetan Mastiff History, Lore and Modern Living “No one knows where they came from,” said Sabrina Novarra, one of the original Tibetan Mastiff breeders in the U.S. “The myth of the old monks of Tibet say that snow leopards bred with wolves. Now, we know that’s not true. But, we cannot trace the ancestry. They…


173 – Dreamland Chow Chows “Show Ring is Mirror of the Whelping Box” |Pure Dog Talk

Chow Chow Breeder/Handler Shares His Story Michael & Linda Brantley were AKC’s Non-Sporting Breeders of The Year in 2013 for their Dreamland Chow Chows. Michael is a professional handler, member of the Professional Handlers Association, and has shown top ranked, multiple Best in Show winners in numerous breeds. Breeding is the Art “Still, the breeding…


167 – Komondor Breeder Anna Quigley on Cords and Clubs|Pure Dog Talk

ANNA QUIGLEY – ON THE KOMONDOR, CORDS AND CLUBS Ch. Lajosmegyi’s Patent Pending Anna Quigley is synonymous, for many in the purebred dog world, with a 110-pound, powerful, white mop. She bred, owned and handled the three-time national specialty winner, best in show winner, Westminster Kennel Club group winner that took the Komondor breed to new…