Breeds & Breeders

28 – Luc Boileau: Westminster Winner, Master Breeder and AKC Judge

Luc Boileau stories competing against Pat Craige (Trotter) for Best in Show at Westminster in 1990, importance of being a breeder before being a judge, learn learn learn, joy of finding young-to-be-great dogs in the show ring, and generations of multi breed champions from Knolland Farm.


25 – Patricia Trotter: Legendary Breeder, Author, and AKC Judge – Vin-Melca’s Norwegian Elkhounds

Patricia Trotter is a true legend in the sport of dogs. Breeder of the legendary line of Vin-Melca Norwegian Elkhounds, Author of “Born to Win, Breed to Succeed”, AKC All-Breed Judge and successful Owner-Handler long before there was such a thing.


16 – Bill Shelton: How to Create a Family of Dogs

AKC Judge Bill Shelton – Coventry Corgis – Master Breeders and Renowned Kennels build on successive generations to create a Family of Dogs. Curators and preservationists, Championship Breeders use 21st Century toolboxes to preserve health, purpose and type.


09 – Finding a Show Puppy

Buying a purebred dog, whether for companionship, performance competition, a show dog or all of the above is exciting. It also requires patience, study and commitment. You aren’t going down to the car dealership and picking your favorite color & haggling over the price. This is a living, breathing soul who will be with you…