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Thyroid Epidemic in Dogs

118 – Thyroid Epidemic in Dogs: Dr. Jean Dodds #3

The thyroid gland is a “master gland.” It is regulated by the pituitary gland. Eighty percent of processing of thyroid hormone occurs in liver. Individual animals might have primary hypothyroidism in which the thyroid gland itself is not functioning properly or secondary hypothyroidism, in which the organs which process the hormone are not working.
Dr. Jean Dodds

116 – Wholistic Medicine with Dr. Jean Dodds – Part 2

In Part 2 of Pure Dog Talk's Dr. Jean Dodds series, Jean discusses Wholistic Medicine, food as medicine, and how to test your dog for food sensitivities.
Dr. Jean Dodds

114 – Saving Dog’s Lives: Canine Blood Bank with Dr. Jean Dodds – Part 1

In this episode #114 Saving Dog's Lives: Canine Blood Bank, Dr. Jean Dodds introduces us to how the first canine blood bank originated. Jean packs an immense quantity of breeder information on blood types, herpes, plasma and more in this episode that I can't begin to summarize it all... you will just have to listen!
First Aid for Dogs

97 – First Aid for Dogs: Bloat, Shock, Heatstroke and Snakebite

First Aid for Dogs: Bloat, Shock, Heatstroke, Snakebite First Aid for Dogs, Part 2 with Dr. Cynthia Heiller, DVM What conditions require immediate veterinary attention and how to recognize them can be the difference between survival or not. First Aid for Dogs – Bloat Bloat is extremely time sensitive and requires veterinary care within an…
first aid for dogs

94 – First Aid for Dogs – Are you Ready for Field and Show Emergencies: Dr. Cynthia Heiller, DVM – Part 1

  First Aid for Dogs – Are you Ready for Field and Show Emergencies: Dr. Cynthia Heiller, DVM – Part 1 First Aid for your dogs… Are you ready? Dr Cindy Heiller, DVM is an Emergency Vet with Redwood Vet Clinic and has saved more than one dog and horse at field trials. Breeder of…
Litter Evaluation

78 – Litter Evaluation Workshop: Recorded LIVE with Laura Reeves

Litter Evaluation Workshop Recorded LIVE with Laura Reeves focused on how to evaluate a puppy litter for structure, temperament, and breed standard.
bloodhound mantrailing

64 – Bloodhound Mantrailing and Canine Health Foundation Tick Program with Susan Hamil

  Bloodhound Mantrailing, Canine Health Foundation Tick Program and more with Susan Hamil Bloodhound Mantrailing vs. AKC Tracking Bloodhound Mantrailing is a Bloodhound Club breed specific performance trial that differs from AKC Tracking.  AKC Tracking is an all-breed event where the dog has to track every turn. Bloodhound Mantrailing does not have to indicate each…

59 – Stud Dog Management #4: Foreign Affairs – Critical Tips Before You Import or Export Semen

Foreign Affairs – Critical Tips to Know Before Import or Export of Semen Every country has different requirements for import and export of semen and are constantly changing the rules! Blood Tests Some require blood testing prior to collection, some after collection, some after a waiting period. If that wasn’t enough, the tests vary and…

56 – Stud Dog Series: Fresh, Fresh Chilled and Frozen – Do’s Don’t and Why-Nots

What's Best for Your Stud Dog? Fresh, Fresh Chilled or Frozen? Semen Quality Fresh is Best... but not always an option. Fresh semen, of lower quality, might need a little reproductive vet help to improve the chance of getting your bitch pregnant.
Sketchbook Berger Picards

55 – Seizures and Epilepsy: Genetic Testing for the Cause – Liz Hansen

  Canine Epilepsy: Bring the Breeders to the Scientists Liz Hansen, University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine Genetics Lab, and breeder of Standard Schnauzers and Berger Picards, is helping to coordinate the international consortium on epilepsy. Affected and Family Members Blood Samples Needed DNA Banking of affected dogs and their immediate affected or non-affected…