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289 — Insurance Plans Go to the Dogs | Pure Dog Talk

Insurance Plans Go to the Dogs  PetPartners President John Wycoff joins host Laura Reeves to talk about the how’s and why’s of insurance for our dogs. “Pets can get most of the same treatments people can get,” Wycoff said. “Costs of those treatments can be prohibitive.” Cost Prohibitive Treatments From foreign body ingestion surgery to…

288 — Hounds on the American Frontier with Custer | Pure Dog Talk

Hounds on the American Frontier with Custer  Author Brian Duggan’s journey to the publication of General Custer, Libbie Custer and Their Dogs: A Passion for Hounds, from the Civil War to Little Bighorn was launched by Hickory the Scottish Deerhound’s Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club. Editor Denise Flaim asked Duggan for an article…

281 – Karelian Bear Dogs Saving Lives in Washington | Pure Dog Talk

Karelian Bear Dogs Saving Lives in Washington Nick Jorg is an officer in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife who works with Karelian Bear Dogs to manage bears and large predators in a non-lethal way. The Wildlife Service Dog (WSD) Program was established to provide an additional non-lethal option for resolving conflicts between humans…

278 — Pat Hastings Wants to Make YOU a Winner With New Book | Pure Dog Talk

Pat Hastings Wants to Make YOU a Winner With New Book Author, breeder, handler, judge. Pat Hastings has worn an array of hats in the dog world. Her new book “Let’s Make You a Winner: A Judge’s Perspective on Showing Dogs” is the most recent offering in what she calls a sort of accidental journey.…

275 — PureDogTalk’s “News” Report for Monday, April 1 | Pure Dog Talk

All the News That’s Fit to Record Welcome to Pure Dog Talk’s “News” Report for Monday, April 1, 2019. I’m your host Laura Reeves. We start today’s show with a brand new report that the Labrador Retriever, America’s most popular dog for, like, a million years running, will be the star of the show at…

269 – Authors: Clean Paws Are Very Important For a Scottie, You Know | Pure Dog Talk

Clean Paws Are Very Important For a Scottie, You Know Pilar Kuhn and Rod Ott, authors of the award-winning children’s book “Clean Paws are Very Important for a Scottie, You Know” joined host Laura Reeves live at Westminster Kennel Club. Scottie registrations are down, Kuhn said. The breed has witnessed an astonishing 70 percent decrease…

267 – Dog Friendly Adventure Travel Takes Off | Pure Dog Talk

Travel with your dog to see amazing sights David Blank founded Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours, designed specifically for people who want to travel and adventure with their dogs. Blank is a professional tour guide and dog trainer who has been to 49 US states and 45 countries. He has hitchhiked from the US to…

254 – Purebred Dogs Get Their Own Super Hero Movie | Pure Dog Talk

Purebred Dogs Get Their Own Super Hero Movie Host Laura Reeves, live at the AKC National Championship brought to you by Royal Canin, visits with Daniel Ferguson, producer of the new super hero IMAX film — Super Power Dogs. An exciting joint effort with corporate sponsors including Mars Pet Care and Wisdom Panel, Super Power Dogs…
world dog show 2018

229 – Allison’s Insights from the World Dog Show | Pure Dog Talk

World Dog Show unites dog enthusiasts Allison Foley talks with host Laura Reeves about the incredible spectacle that is the World Dog Show. “The World Dog Show really does bring the dog world together in one place,” Foley said. She added that this year’s event in Amsterdam was particularly well attended by dogs and fanciers…

200 – Celebrate 200th Episode with a Positive Outlook | Pure Dog Talk

200th episode? Celebrate with a positive outlook Let’s talk about the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” And making a positive outlook YOUR approach to life and to this sport. How can this be possible??? Wasn’t it just yesterday that Mary randomly set up next to me at a dog show in Southern…

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