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178 — Bergit Coady Kabel: “Groomed to Perfection” | Pure Dog Talk

A Legend in the Terrier Ring The 2012 Winkie Award for Best Professional Handler, said it best: “A legend in the Terrier ring, Bergit Coady Kabel’s dogs are always groomed to perfection and flawlessly presented. Always polite and professional, she is totally dedicated to her dogs.” Hard Work and Dedication Bergit was someone I admired…

177 — Developing An Eye For a Dog: Recorded LIVE | Pure Dog Talk

Developing An Eye For a Dog: Recorded LIVE San Mateo Kennel Club invited PureDogTalk to sponsor a live expert roundtable at its all-breed show in March. Exhibitors who participated were treated to a rare opportunity to interact directly with some of the most knowledgeable people in the sport. Judges Pat Trotter, Desmond Murphy and Ken…
Loraine Boutwell

174 – 65-Year Love Affair Started with a Brittany | Pure Dog Talk

65-Year Love Affair Started with a Brittany When Loraine Boutwell and her husband, Victor, acquired their first Brittany in 1953 they paid $35. The puppy traveled by train from Oklahoma to Topeka, Kansas in what Loraine describes as something like a wooden orange crate Victor Boutwell, who passed away in 2003, owned a Brittany as…
Glenn and Guy Mackinac 93

171 – New AKC Department Supports Clubs | Pure Dog Talk

AKC Club Development Has Your Back All breed and specialty clubs throughout the country are struggling. Members are aging, new members are few and far between. Some clubs are struggling financially, others burdened with a handful of active members. Some have even closed their doors. AKC Club Development’s main focus is to help clubs grow.…

170 – Ann Yuhasz, Four Generation Family of Dog Breeders | Pure Dog Talk

ANN YUHASZ, FOUR GENERATION FAMILY OF DOG BREEDERS We talk a lot about pedigrees in dogs, but AKC Judge Ann Yuhasz and her family have been involved in dogs, specifically English Setters, since the 1960s. Yuhasz noted that starting with her mother, to herself, to her daughter, to now her granddaughter, purebred dogs are an…

158 – Sioux Forsyth on Judging Dogs and Anne Rogers Clark|Pure Dog Talk

Sioux Forsyth, daughter of dog show royalty, handled dogs professionally herself and is now judging, following in the footsteps of her parents, Robert and Jane Forsyth. This is part two of our conversation with her.

157 – Sioux Forsyth: On Legends Robert and Jane Forsyth|Pure Dog Talk

Sioux Forsyth is the modern day “keeper of the flame” in the memory of her parents, the late, great, Robert and Jane Forsyth. The only husband and wife team to this day to both win Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club, the Forsyths were formidable handlers in the Golden Era of large kennels owned...

SPECIAL: Who to Watch to Win Westminster|Laura Reeves|Allison Foley

Recorded TODAY in NYC: Laura Reeves and Allison Foley Talk Who to Watch to Win Westminster Kennel Club the night before the show.

156 – David Helming – At The Helm of Westminster|Pure Dog Talk

HELMING THE GARDEN – WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB Westminster Kennel Club’s newest show chair, David Helming, has certainly experienced this prestigious events from all ends of the spectrum. Helming took over as show chair for Tom Bradley last year. But he has judged his breed, Newfoundlands, there and, he and his wife, Peggy, bred and owned Josh,…

155 – Claire Ctibor – Junior Versatility Award|Road to Westminster|Pure Dog Talk

JUNIOR VERSATILITY AWARD – CLAIRE CTIBOR Claire Ctibor started showing dogs when she was just 8 years old, with a six month old Chinese Crested. At 12 years old, Claire decided she didn’t want a “little dog” anymore, so she took over the training and exhibiting duties for one of the family’s Brittanies. Five years later,…