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219 – Positive Solutions for Canine Aggression Issues | Pure Dog Talk

Tips and tools for managing canine aggression using positive reinforcement   Lisa Moore is a canine behavior counselor who works regularly for clients dealing with aggression issues in their dogs. She uses positive reinforcement and counter-conditioning methods to bring these dogs to a point at which they can be safely managed. “One of my Belgian Tervuren…


217 – Crate Training, Jumping Up, Digging and Behavior Analysis | Pure Dog Talk

Behavior analysis and positive reinforcement create success Animal behaviorist Lara Joseph shares her expert knowledge on understanding our dog’s behavior, how to read signals from the dog and use behavior analysis to shape a new future. Joseph knows for a fact that positive reinforcement training works. She uses it extensively with zoo animals and exotics,…

Debbie Cutter and one of her top obedience Scottish Deerhounds

213 – Scottish Deerhounds in Obedience with Record-Making Trainer | Pure Dog Talk

Training Scottish Deerhounds for obedience competition requires patience The “otherworldly” grace of Scottish Deerhounds first appealed to Debbie Cutter in the early ‘80s as she sought a dog to compete in obedience. Her original breeder told her “do not try to do obedience with deerhounds. They aren’t good at it and they don’t like it.”…


193 – Barnhunt Founder Nuttall Created Fast Growing Sport | Pure Dog Talk

One Person Making a Difference In just five years of existence, the sport of Barnhunt has taken off like wildfire. Founder Robin Nuttall, the archetype of “one person can make a difference,” said she created the sport to test the natural instincts of her new Miniature Pinscher. A Doberman Pinscher fancier for many years, Nuttall…


169 – Jessica Ajoux Westminster KC Agility Champion Talks Form and Function | Pure Dog Talk

WKC AGILITY WINNER SHARES HER THOUGHTS Jessica Ajoux and her Border Collie, Famous, won the WKC Master Agility Championship in February. She shares her insights on how a dog’s structure affects its performance on the agility course. Jessica Ajoux and Border Collie, Famous, are the WKC Masters Agility Champions PASSION FOR AGILITY STARTED EARLY This February…


153 – Vicki Ronchette|Showdogs from Shy to Showy|Pure Dog Talk

Vicki Ronchette continues with part 2 on training showdogs from Shy to Showy in the conformation ring.

Positive Training for Show Daogs

152 – Positive Training for Show Dogs|Vicki Ronchette|Pure Dog Talk

Positive Training for Show Dogs – Vicki Ronchette is a professional trainer working with dogs using positive reinforcement and theories of operant conditioning. Ronchette has written several books and teaches seminars on how to get the most out of your show dog with methods that are well known in other venues.

Lori Wells and Piglet with Laura Reeves

147 – Lori Wells and Piglet – Catahoula Leopard Dog|Search and Rescue|Pure Dog Talk

Piglet is a 7 year old Catahoula Leopard Dog trained and certified to discover human remains, one of fewer than a half-dozen of her breed working in Search and Rescue. Lori Wells and Piglet were winners of the AKC Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence in the Search and Rescue category and were honored at...

Scent Work Spaniel

137|Scent Work for Sport and Service|Jon Sarabia|Pure Dog Talk

Scent Work is an accessible sport for handlers and dogs that builds on the one thing ALL dogs do well — sniffing. AKC’s brand new Scent Work program, and the events from which it is derived, are amongst the fastest growing sports in purebred dogs. We visited with some of the judges and participants in...

Patriotic Puppies

129|Patriotic Puppies|AKC Mark Dunn|Bomb Detection Dog Breeders|Pure Dog Talk

Carmen Battaglia, Mark Dunn, Sheila Goffe and a bunch of folks at AKC are developing a new “patriotic puppy program” whereby breeders of high drive, high stamina hunting dogs can help create a network of domestic breeding programs to supply explosive detection dogs (EDD).