Sports & Training

4 – How to Master the Dog Show Ring

  Steps to Mastering the Dog Show Ring: In this episode Laura Reeves takes you on a Virtual Tour – How to move from beginner to master level. Mastery is a mental game that Master handlers make look simple. Simple Tips: Get to the dog show early. Checklist of what to do before your ring…


3 – Dog Show Basics – Moving Your Dog

  Dog Show Basics – Moving Your Dog Moving your dog. How to move gracefully with your dog. Why moving your dog smoothly is important and how to it helps you succeed. Getting Rid of Bad Habits Don’t mince your steps Lower your center of gravity Upper body and leash hand still Stand up tall…


2 – How To Stack Your Dog

Stacking your dog. What is stacking and how to do it. We cover the hand stack and the free stack of your show dog.