Pure Dog Talk Cyber Sweepstakes Presented by Trupanion

Pure Dog Talk's Cyber Sweepstakes is an opportunity for FUN and FUNdraising for members of the purebred dog community whose livelihoods have been impacted by the cancellation of events due to the global pandemic.

We will run regular competitions while we are all shutdown, and perhaps into the future.

Funds for entries distributed as follows:

  • 50% to the PureDogTalk Fund for microgrants to members of the purebred dog community impacted by the current shutdowns.
  • 50% to the winners.

Entry Requirements

Enter the appropriate Division. Amateur handlers may enter Open and/or Amateur Division. Professional handlers (whether or not they own the dog) may only enter Open Division.

Additional Entry Requirements

Baby Puppy Division is open to any handler. Baby Puppies must be under 6 months old. Junior Showmanship Division is open to all handlers under 18 yoa. Obedience/Rally entries are for critique only.

Judges Qualifications

Judges are certified by their respective national kennel clubs. Judges' identities will remain secret until after judging is complete.


  • Enter your dog/s at BaRay Events.
  • Create a ONE MINUTE video of your dog and upload to the Album of the proper Division under the "photos" tab at the Pure Dog Talk Cyber Sweepstakes Presented by Trupanion Facebook page. UNENTERED dogs will not be judged.
  • EVERY post MUST include the ***registration number you used to enter***. Numbers from any registry are accepted. Unlabeled posts will not be judged. Do NOT include the dog's name.
Conformation/junior showmanship video MUST show:
  • Stacked head on
  • Bite/mouth/dentition as breed appropriate
  • Stacked profile
  • Stacked rear
  • Down and back
  • Around movement
  • Table breeds stacked on table.
  • Ramp/ground breeds stacked on ground.

What's Allowed:

Altered, puppies, veterans, non-standard trims… all good. This is event is designed to be FUN and a FUNdraiser!
MUST have:
In order to facilitate entries and support our purebred dog community, Baray Dog Show Superintendent will accept entries for our events. As such, all dogs entered MUST include a registration number. All registries are accepted.

Obedience/Rally Entries:

Any exercise may be submitted but ONLY ONE per video.
Scoring of the exercise will be on a Pass or Fail for information purposes only, plus feedback to help the participant on errors seen (if any) in regards to the dog and handler’s performance.

$5 each entry plus $3 processing fee.

See entry page for closing dates

Junior Showmanship free as an additional entry.

Enter at BaRay Events

Contribute to the Pure Dog Talk Fund

We want the Cyber Sweepstakes to help you have FUN during this difficult time, help people learn, practice and improve their skills and perhaps most importantly, to be a FUNdraiser!

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, Trupanion Breeder Support Program, and their offer to match our entry fee income, we are able to do that. PDT has already committed two microgrants to fellow dog show people who are hurting badly due to the shutdown.

Recipients will remain anonymous unless you choose to share. Lee Whittier and I talked in a recent podcast about the pride in our Tribe. I don't want anyone to go without help because they are too proud to have it known they needed it.

Please consider donating via the PayPal button above and help us raise funds to keep our community strong.

—Laura Reeves, Pure Dog Talk