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The voice of purebred dogs. Your passion is our purpose.

Pure Dog Talk is THE voice of purebred dogs

We talk to the legends of the sport and give you the tips and tools to create an awesome life with your purebred dog. From showing to preservation breeding, from competitive obedience to field work, from agility to therapy dogs, and all the fun in between — your passion is our purpose.


Join us Sunday, May 31 at Optimum Dog in Mount Vernon, Washington for an all-day seminar covering a variety of conformation education and presentation topics. Pre-paid reservations are required and space is limited to 25 students per session (15 working with dogs). Click the button below for more information and to sign up.


  • Basic Anatomy and Structure
  • Applied Anatomy and Structure
  • Type and Style
  • Stacking Perfection
  • Moving Perfection
  • Free Stacking Perfection
  • Grooming Perfection

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381 – Rare Breeds: Preservation, Promotion and Purposeful Breeding

Rare Breeds: Preservation, Promotion and Purposeful Breeding Let’s kick off a month of Pure Dog Talk conversations, insights and ideas about rare breeds, preservation, promotion and purposeful breeding of these delightful dogs. Today’s conversation...


380 – Progesterone Timing for Pregnancy Success | Pure Dog Talk

Veterinary Voice: Progesterone Timing for Pregnancy Success Dr. Marty Greer and host Laura Reeves talk about progesterone, that wonderful chemical inside our girl dogs’ bodies that tells us so much. Knowing progesterone levels is...


379 – How To’s for Dog People to Survive Lockdown | Pure Dog Talk    

How To’s for Dog People to Survive Lockdown Host Laura Reeves teams up with Dog Show Mentor’s Lee Whittier to talk about the financial, emotional and dog training tools that will help our Tribe...


365 — Junior Showmanship from Competing to Judging | Pure Dog Talk

Junior Showmanship from Competing to Judging Marti Day and Sarah Congleton are a mother-daughter junior showmanship judging juggernaut. Sarah and her brother Tanner started showing in juniors in 2005. Marti was the support person...


363 — Reactive Dogs: Learn their Language | Pure Dog Talk

Reactive Dogs: Learn to Speak “Dog” for Better Outcome Kristin Sandstede, Big Moose Dog Training, is back with some great conversation about “reactive dogs.” We narrow the topic down to reactive, non-aggressive dogs and...

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