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100 – Pure Dog Talk – Celebrate Our 100th Episode – Laura Reeves

Pure Dog Talk 100

Pure Dog Talk’s 100th Episode – Thanks to Our Listeners!

Pure Dog Talk Celebrates 100th Episode!  Laura Reeves reminisces and reminds our listeners about summer, dog shows, and celebrations.

Laura Reeves and Mary Albee

It’s been a journey.

Laura Reeves, host of PureDogTalk,  on-the-spot reporter, newspaper journalist, PHA Handler and second generation dog breeder.

Mary Albee, producer, Norwegian Elkhound fancier since 1985, has 38 years in film and television as stunt performer, stunt coordinator and 2nd unit director.

Why Pure Dog Talk?

Passion.  Love for our breeds.  Stupidity?

Why spend hours and hours planning, recording, editing and publishing a podcast or “radio show on demand”?

Giving Back

Pure Dog Talk is our way of giving back.  Giving back to our mentors, to the generations of dogs that have touched our lives, passed over the bridge, but remain alive in our hearts.


Preservation efforts for the future existence of our breeds,  preservation of our mentors history and knowledge, preservation and fight for all dog sports right to exist.

Future of Pure Dog Talk

We don’t know… it’s a journey for us and with you, our listeners.

We watch as dog magazines fail, as PETA and HSUS efforts limit our rights to breed and own dogs, as clubs try to put on shows with only a few aging members…

We listen to the moans and groans of declining entries, poor quality dogs, lack of good dog breeders…

What is Your Choice?

At Pure Dog Talk, our choice is positive, period.

We look to a purebred dog-filled future.

Our goals are to help foster or sponsor positive, educational programs that improve our breeds, breeders, and rights of ownership:

  • Preservation Breeding Programs
  • Breeder and Exhibitor Education
  • Youth and Public Education
  • Archives for Breeds and Breeders

THRIVE: Prosper, flourish, bloom, blossom, advance, succeed, boom, to develop vigorously.

Support Pure Dog Talk

If our goals are yours, then we ask for your support.


  • Individual Contribution through PayPal.
  • Advertise on PureDogTalk website or podcast.

Help Us Be Heard

  • Share on Facebook to clubs and friends
  • Link Pure Dog Talk on your club’s website and yours
  • Join our Mailing List

Archives and Articles

  • Record or talk to us about recording your club’s breeder mentors
  • Talk to us about helping your breed create archives

Technical and Author Support

Our time and skills are limited.  If you like we are doing, we could use writers and technical skills.  It takes a village…

Our Future Secret is Out… the Breed Shows

By request, some breeds are asking for breed specific episodes.

Pure Dog Talk plans to do better than that…

(oh…there went the rest of my vacation and time off)

The Breed Shows

If your Breed Club would like, Pure Dog Talk will help create a channel (show) just for your breed.  The purpose is to archive breed mentors/judges/breeders and provide education for the next generation and the public.

We have two requirements…

  1.  A breed club “host”
  2. Parent Club support

If interested, email

Laura Reeves


Pure Dog Talk is grateful to all of the mentors in our sport who support us with their knowledge, their kindness and their generosity. JOIN us today in providing access to this invaluable “watering hole” for anyone who is thirsty for knowledge. Your pledge of as little as $5/month helps guide the next generation of dog fanciers. Click the “Be My Patron on Podbean” button to join our “listener supported” team at Pure Dog Talk.





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  1. KQ on 08/01/2017 at 10:43 PM

    Another great show, Laura!!

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