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109 – Social Media Sportsmanship: Dog Show Forum and The Dog Judges Report Card with Jacqueline Zwirn

social media sportsmanship

Jacqueline Zwirn: Dog Show Forum and The Dog Show Judges Report Card

Jacqueline Zwirn is 3rd generation dog shows… literally “whelped” into dogs.  A successful junior handler of her mom’s Great Danes, Jacqueline continues today to show Miniature Pinschers under the Sidel Miniature Pinschers prefix.  Junior Showmanship taught… SPORTSMANSHIP  Sportsmanship is ethics, etiquette, manners, losing and winning with dignity and the strive and drive to improve.

Sportsmanship as Administrator of Dog Show Facebook Groups

Sportsmanship skills are a question on Facebook and social media.  Why, hidden behind a keyboard, is permission granted to lose the core ethics of showmanship?

social media showmanship jacqueline zwirn

Jacqueline Zwirn winning with her Miniature Pinscher brace under Patricia V. Trotter

Listen to Episode #109 of Pure Dog Talk as Laura Reeves and Jacqueline Zwirn discuss how Facebook and social media groups could mentor exhibitors and breeders in understanding the judge’s opinions, and learn to breed better dogs.

Social Media Thoughts From Jacqueline Zwirn

Rules of Sportsmanship:

  • No Slander or Attack
  • Give facts of your experience, not your opinions
  • Describe what or why you felt something happened
  • Listen and learn
  • Don’t vent because you lost

Ringside and Judges Perspectives:

  • Ringside has more time to evaluate a dog than the judge
  • The Judges view is not the same as the ringside view
  • Judges may be looking at or for something different than you


  • Owners that have only one dog may have emotional attachment blinders on, and not be able to see what the judge sees
  • Handlers are a great resource for an evaluation.
  • Handlers are not emotionally attached to your dog’s critique
  • Judges read, hear or talk about what is said online.  Don’t kiss up or promote your dog

Dog Show Judges:

  • Dog Show Judges are people too!!!
  • Judges love dogs
  • Judges are human and constantly learning
  • Judges spend a ton of money to become judges and make VERY LITTLE!!!

Correctly Assessing a Judge’s Intentions

Even professional handler’s sometimes mistake a judge’s intention, preferences, or pet peeves.  Breeder Judges may look for or be harder on something that affected their line or is a problem in the breed.  Judges not as familiar with your breed may be more generic in selection.

Evaluation of what a judge might like or dislike in a dog is really hard.  There is no hard and fast rule.   Try not to categorize them as a head hunter, or a movement judge without systematically analyzing if that is true.  Oftentimes the “current opinion” is just gossip and not grounded in fact.

  • As a judge learns, their opinions may change
  • Different dogs are in the ring, every show is different
  • Your “belief” that your dog is perfect, colors your opinion

Boring News… Go Back To Your Breed Standard

Sorry… but maybe if it is said enough times?  Go back to your breed standard.  Understand your breed standard.  Question what it means?  Does your dog excel in every part of the standard?  If so, get a second opinion!

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