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34 – Sussex Spaniels, Hunt Tests, Search and Rescue: Pluis Davern Tells All


A Two Part Episode on PureDogTalk

Sussex Spaniel fan or not, the accomplishments of Pluis Davern is a must-listen to.  Many of us would like to see our dogs instincts at work – in the field, on the hunt, herding, or retrieving on land or water.  Pluis Davern has excelled, not only in spearheading the creation of spaniel hunt tests, but in focusing her field and obedience experience to direct Search and Rescue training and service.

Pluis Davern

  • 2011 AKC Breeder of the Year – Sundowner Sussex Spaniel
  • First Sussex Spaniel, Vicar of Lexxfield CD was first Sussex Spaniel to win Best in Show in the U.S. and place in the group at Wesminster.
  • Helped create Spaniel Hunt Test
  • One of two women who formed the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. Trains teams for FEMA.
  • AKC Licensed Judge
Courtesy of Pluis Davern
Courtesy of Pluis Davern

Photos Courtesy of Search Dog Foundation


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  1. John Robert Lewis, Jr. on 03/10/2017 at 3:00 PM

    As Pluis and I have been friends for nearly thirty years now, I am sure that she would not mind if I made two corrections to her comments. First, the gene pool narrowed to five individual Sussex Spaniel after 1945, not four as she mentioned in her commentary. Secondly, the majority of Sussex Spaniels in the United States do NOT descend from the outcross to the Clumber Spaniel. However, nearly all Sussex outside the United States do trace back the 1964 outcross breeding to the Clumber Spaniel Thornville Snowstorm. Thanks for a wonderful discussion on the breed.

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