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358 – Dale & Jane Martenson: Touche Japanese Chin | Pure Dog Talk


Dale & Jane Martenson: Touche Japanese Chin

Master Breeders Dale and Jane Martenson of Touche Japanese Chin, have produced more than 500 champions in a very difficult breed. Dale shares invaluable, detailed advice for success.

Purposely bred dogs allow us to pick the dog that best fits our lives, Martenson said. He and Jane started with Cocker Spaniels in the ‘80s when the breed was deeply competitive.

“Cockers helped us learn how to lose. We showed dogs for two years before we earned a point,” Martenson said. “You learn a lot on those drives home.”

In the original dog show, there was winning and losing, Martenson said. You got good or got out.

“There was a degree of respect and those were the people (handlers) we wanted to learn from,” Martenson said.

“You can raise dogs successfully on a profitable basis with integrity. This is an achievable goal. You don’t have to be a martyr. Use the tools we have today,” Martenson said.

Advice from Touche

On a breeding program: Have a good core line of bitches, keep the line sound and clean. Can maintain a small but effective program based on your bitches.

On owner-handlers: When you know your dogs and can compete with your dogs, you know the areas you want to improve.

On breeding decisions: Have A and B lists of faults – what you can live with and what you can’t

On importing: Don’t ever believe your own advertising

On outcrossing: Don’t discount the value of the things you know for the comfort of the things you don’t know

On money in breeding: If you don’t make money with your dogs then you aren’t doing it very well. Should be a self-funding hobby. Should be able to get out of it, what you put into it.

On retiring breeding dogs: You cannot be a great breeder and be a hoarder too.

“One thing I love about our sport is anybody can come in and compete at any level. You don’t have to be of a high finance. It can be your own dog you raised if you do the equal work. You also have the advantage of knowing your animal more intimately,” Martenson said.

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