62 – Lure Coursing with Cindi Gredys: Ready to Have Fun?

Lure Coursing Straight Racing Cindi Gredys

Lure Coursing with Cindi Gredys

Ready to Have Some Fun?

Cindi Gredy

Cindi Gredy

My first borzoi was acquired in 1994. I strive to produce beautiful and functional hounds so Jubilee dogs are tested in open field competition, as well as lure coursing, racing, obedience, and rally which has produced many dual champions. The first litter, in 2001, produced a SBIS, national WD and WB in the same year from BBE, multiple BIF winners, BCOA national LGRA BOB, bench champions in US, Canada, and Japan including #1 dog in Japan. Over the years Jubilee Hounds, with only a handful of litters, has accomplished #1 borzoi all-breed (owner/breeder/handled), Eukanuba/AKC BOB, Westminster AOM, multiple BCOA national specialty awards, & AKC NLCC Best of the Best (coursing) who also holds the BCOA record for most bitch specialty wins. In 2003 we welcomed our first whippet from Bohem.. Since then they have been in the Top 20 whippets 3 times and produced several dual champions. A dog lover of all varieties, I’ve also have owned a miniature wire-hair Dachshund, Rhodesian Ridgeback, English Cocker Spaniel, and a Gordon Setter. I am now also pursuing conformation judging and currently have Borzoi, Whippets, and juniors. Being a wife, mom, grandma and jewelry designer are the other great joys of my life.

Lure Coursing Puts a Smile on Your Dog’s Face

Just look at the photos… these dogs were bred to run and Lure Coursing and Racing is a sport to showcase their natural traits and energy.

Consider Different Sports

So many sports, so many mental and physical challenges for us and our dogs.  So much opportunity to bond and experience our dog’s full abilities and untested talents!


Lure Coursing Cindi Gredy

Lure Coursing – Cindi Gredy

Lure Coursing Cindi Gredy

Lure Coursing – Cindi Gredy

Lure Coursing “Inspired” Jewelry by Cindy Gredys

See and Read about Cindy’s art and jewelry talents tomorrow!

jewelry cindi gredys

Lure Coursing Cindi Gredys
Lure Coursing – Courtesy of Cindi Gredys and KC’s Snaps

Lure Coursing Open Field Cindi Gredys


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