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89 – Italian Greyhounds and Lilian Barber: From the Holocaust to La Scala Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds and Lilian Barber

Lilian Barber is the breeder of La Scala Italian Greyhounds, an AKC Judge, and author of the “bible” on Italian Greyhounds.

La Scala Italian Greyhounds

An avid opera lover, La Scala pays homage to Italy and the art of opera.  Her website is a treasure of Italian Greyhound history and photographs.

Italian Greyhounds

Lilian Barber the Author

Past President of the Italian Greyhound Club of America and columnist for the AKC Gazette since 1975, Lilian has authored 4 books on Italian Greyhounds.

Buy Lilian’s Books… if you can

Several are out of print, but if you can get one, we suggest you do it now.  The links are below.

Italian Greyhounds
Am. Ch. La Scala Primadonna do Reino

Considered to be ‘the bible’ for the IG lover, this detailed and informative book is written by a Breeder/Judge with ties to the IGCA. Profusely illustrated with black and white photographs, this wonderful reference is divided into five sections:
Section One: An Italian Greyhound Primer
Section Two: Health and Welfare of your IG
Section Three: The IG as Show Dog
Section Four: The IG as a Performance Dog
Section Five: Advanced IG Ownership
A must-have for the library of every serious Italian Greyhound fan.

La Scala


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