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348 — Juan Miranda: Survivor, Judge, Influencer | Pure Dog Talk


Juan Miranda: Survivor, Judge, Influencer 

Juan Miranda, FCI’s youngest all-breeds judge, survived a car-jacking attack and returned to purebred dogs.

Miranda was just leaving his office in Mexico City five years ago, on his way to Westminster Kennel Club, when an armed assailant entered his new truck. Miranda struggled with the attacker, who shot him through the neck and face, missing his spinal cord by just three millimeters.

A year’s journey of healing saw Miranda in a “halo” device, relearning how to walk and all of the motor skills of life.

The only child of Afghan Hound breeders outside Mexico City, Miranda, won his first all-breed best in show with an Afghan at eight years old.

“I love Afghan Hounds. Their temperament is perfect for us. But we have had other breeds, including a Belgian Malinois who thinks she’s an Afghan,” Miranda said.

Miranda judged Afghans last year at the AKC National Championship sponsored by Royal Canin. This year he’ll participate in his favorite show in Orlando, as an exhibitor showing his own dog.

A popular “influencer” on Instagram, Miranda uses his position to promote the predictability and purpose of purebred dogs.

“The people from all over than world can learn, about us, dogs have a purpose to make life more easy,” Miranda said.


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