186 — Canalizo: Ghosts of the Past and Breeding for the Future | Pure Dog Talk

Legendary breeder, handler and dog man, Michael Canalizo is most associated with the Afghan Hounds of Grandeur. He handled the iconic Afghan bitch, Ch. Tryst of Grandeur, to the pinnacle of all-time top winning hound. He spoke with PureDogTalk about breeding, handling, history and the wave of the future.

185 — Allan Reznik on Magazine and Advertising Tips | Pure Dog Talk

An affinity for stray dogs and a random encounter with Dog World magazine brought Allan Reznik into a lifetime of dogs. He talked his father into dropping him off at a dog show in Montreal, at age 12, where an Afghan exhibitor recognized his interest. The die was cast, as it were.

184 – Merriam: Guts and Governance, the Bull Terrier, Breeders | Pure Dog Talk

Hon. David Merriam was given a White Bull Terrier in 1953. “Gigi” was the gift that keeps on giving, starting a 65-year love affair with the breed and purebred dogs.

183 — Solving the Mysteries of AKC Points and Divisions | Pure Dog Talk

AKC releases a new point schedule every year in May to determine how many entries it takes to earn championship points in each breed. Intermittently, the “divisions” are adjusted as well. On May 16 this year, the new points schedule and a division realignment go into effect.

182 – Love the Breeds: Clumber Spaniel Roundtable | Pure Dog Talk

Clumber Spaniels are not for everyone, these three breeders say, but for those who love them, they’ll never have another breed. Shedding, snoring and slobbering aside, they agree that the dedication and humor of the Clumber Spaniel is what endears them to their owners.

181 – Dog Show Judges, Family and Welcoming Exhibitors | Pure Dog Talk

Dog show judges, their knowledge and skill level are a constant topic of conversation in purebred dogs. The role of adjudicating in a subjective sport has routinely been akin to wearing a bulls-eye at a firing range.

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