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Veterinary Grade Therapeutic Supplements.



Dr. Charles Kruger founded this company in 1986 after discovering and naming Toxic Gut Syndrome (TGS) which is also often called IBD, IBS, Bloat. He developed his patented original formula which successfully solved this problem. There have been no deaths recorded with any dog on our formulas linked to any of the aforementioned intestinal issues since 1986. Dr. Kruger continued to run his company for the next 19 years developing supplement formulas that would take care of dogs from conception to twilight years.

In 2005 Dr. Kruger sold his hugely successful company; the new owners took the company in a totally new direction which was contrary to the focus, intent, and success the company enjoyed under Dr. Kruger’s direction. Due to decisions made by the new owners, the company found itself in decline over the next 9 years.

In 2014 we rescued a female Boxer who was in very terrible health; we sought out Dr. Kruger’s company to help get her health back up to the proper level. We discovered the company was in the process of dissolving and therefore all of the great formulas that Dr. Kruger created would be lost to history.

We stepped in purchased the company, knowing what Dr. Kruger’s Supplements did for our Boxers from 1986 to 2005 and with the vision and drive to bring the company back to its original intent, focus, and quality. We spent the first six months fixing all of the issues that were created after Dr. Kruger sold the company and brought all of the ingredient quality levels up to “Organic, 100% Natural, NON-GMO and High Human Grade Quality”.

Over the following 3 years, we worked diligently to create a brand that honored it’s founder and history while modernizing the company to compete in the 21st century. We continually improved upon our ingredient quality, internal processed, developed strategic partnerships with Veterinarians, Research Universities, Top Breeders, Testing Laboratories, and Suppliers to produce Supplement Formulas that could not have even been imagined by Dr. Kruger during his time with the company.


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