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175 — Tibetan Mastiff History, Lore and Modern Living | Pure Dog Talk

“No one knows where they came from,” said Sabrina Novarra, one of the original Tibetan Mastiff breeders in the U.S. “The myth of the old monks of Tibet say that snow leopards bred with wolves. Now, we know that’s not true. But, we cannot trace the ancestry. They are the oldest large breed in existence.”

172 – Veterinary Voice: Cruciate Ligaments | Pure Dog Talk

Early spay/neuter is one of the primary indicators of a potential for a “blown knee” in our dogs, according to Dr. Marty Greer, DVM. The cruciate ligaments serve as a hinge when working properly. When these ligaments are stretched, frayed or torn, the dog will be painful, limping, or “off” on a rear leg.

171 – New Department Supports Clubs | Pure Dog Talk

All breed and specialty clubs throughout the country are struggling. Members are aging, new members are few and far between. Some clubs are struggling financially, others burdened with a handful of active members. Some have even closed their doors. AKC Club Development’s main focus is to help clubs grow.

170 – Ann Yuhasz, Four Generation Family of Dog Breeders | Pure Dog Talk

We talk a lot about pedigrees in dogs, but AKC Judge Ann Yuhasz and her family have been involved in dogs, specifically English Setters, since the 1960s. Yuhasz noted that starting with her mother, to herself, to her daughter, to now her granddaughter, purebred dogs are an inextricable part of their “family DNA.”

165 – Agility at 83 Years Young: Laurie Morrow|Pure Dog Talk

Laurie Hatcher Morrow is 83 years old. For 70 of those years she has been actively involved in one aspect or another of purebred dogs. As a young girl, she saved her allowance in order to buy the 1947 edition of the AKC Dog Book. And she studied it until she could recite all 114 breeds. And she decided that the Shetland Sheepdog was the breed for her. At 13 years old, she convinced her father to drop her off at Madison Square Garden for the day so she could watch Westminster Kennel Club.

164 – Busting the Genetic Testing Myths: Dr. Jerold Bell|Pure Dog Talk

Dr. Jerold Bell has some serious myth busting going on in this discussion that I think our listeners are going to enjoy. First of all, mixed breeds are not healthier than purebred dogs. “The most frequent genetic disorders that we see in practice are seen equally between purebreds and mixed breeds,” Bell said.

162 – Veterinary Voice: Health Testing 101 with Dr. Marty Greer

Dr. Marty Greer, DVM, JD talks on Veterinary Voice about health testing for our breeding programs. Using testing to improve our dogs’ overall health involves looking at both “phenotype” — diseases we can test for with xrays, blood or other physical exam — and “genotype” — those diseases identified by DNA testing.

161 – Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine on Judging Dogs as Breeding Stock|Pure Dog Talk

Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine was recently nominated for the third time as judge of the year by the ShowDog of the Year Committee.  A judge of four groups, Beisel-McIlwaine is well respected within the fancy for her over-arching mission to judge dogs as breeding stock. She’s judged the Garden, Montgomery and Great Western, as well as internationally. Her gentle hands on the dogs, discerning eye for a “good one” and her pleasant demeanor with exhibitors have made her a favorite.

160 – Dr. Karen Overall: Temperament vs Genetics|Pure Dog Talk

Dr. Karen Overall, Senior Research scientist at the University of Pennsylvania on how temperament in purebred dogs plays a vital part in how the dogs fit into their families and society. Along with that comes the inevitable nature vs nurture argument. In other words, does separation anxiety, for example, have a genetic basis or is it caused by well-intentioned but misguided owners.

159 – Dana Cline: 2018 Judge of the Year|Pure Dog Talk

AKC judge and Great Dane breeder, Dana Cline was voted by the purebred dog fancy as Judge of the Year in the Dog News/Purina awards announced Feb. 10, 2018. Cline fell in love with his breed as a child “when the Great Dane was taller than I was.” From Junior Showmanship to Great Dane breeder to Judge of the Year…

157 – Sioux Forsyth: On Legends Robert and Jane Forsyth|Pure Dog Talk

Sioux Forsyth is the modern day “keeper of the flame” in the memory of her parents, the late, great, Robert and Jane Forsyth. The only husband and wife team to this day to both win Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club, the Forsyths were formidable handlers in the Golden Era of large kennels owned and operated by wealthy benefactors. In the 1980s, they both retired and turned to judging, eventually each acquiring the coveted “all-breed” status.

156 – David Helming – At The Helm of Westminster|Pure Dog Talk

Westminster Kennel Club’s newest show chair, David Helming, has certainly experienced this prestigious events from all ends of the spectrum. Helming took over as show chair for Tom Bradley last year. But he has judged his breed, Newfoundlands, there and, he and his wife, Peggy, bred and owned Josh, the 2004 BIS winner, shown by Michelle (Ostermiller) Scott.

150 – The Dog Healers – a Novel by Mark Winik | Pure Dog Talk

The Dog Healers - Dogs Healing the Human Spirit Mark Winik’s novel The Dog Healers tells the story of Carlos and Isabella and the art of Tibetan massage which brings healing to both dogs and humans. The book is part fact, part fiction; part love story and part...

143 – Laura Reeves Sings 12 Puppies of Christmas | Pure Dog Talk

  Laura Reeves Sings! The last two weeks of the year are normally a quiet, restorative, hibernating time of year for folks. Even with celebrations, friends, family and feasting, the tempo gradually slows down as we take time to review the year past and contemplate the...

140 – Show Dog of the Year Awards | Corey Benedict | Pure Dog Talk

  Show Dog of the Year! It’s the Awards time of year in the purebred dog fancy. The AKC National Championship show presented by Royal Canin this weekend will feature the announcement of a number of huge awards from the AKC, including their nominees for Breeder of the...

139 – Dog Show Mentor with Laura Reeves | Pure Dog Talk

  Laura Reeves on Dog Show Mentor - Safe Travels At Pure Dog Talk we are proud to support all of our friends providing educational resources to the purebred dog fancy. Lee Whittier, the Dog Show Mentor, recently invited Laura Reeves to talk with her members about...

138 – Dawn of the Dog|Jan Koler-Matznick | Pure Dog Talk

  Jan Koler-Matznick: Daring New Hypothesis Regarding the Origin of the Dog Dawn of the Dog? What if dogs are really kissing cousins to wolves, not direct descendants? Jan Koler-Matznick didn’t plan to be a heretic when she grew up. Nonetheless, her 2016 treatise,...

122 – Eddie Dziuk: OFA, CHIC and Why Breeders Should Health Test

  Eddie Dziuk on OFA, CHIC and the Role of Health Testing Eddie Dziuk is a behind the scenes kind of guy. But arguably no single individual is more responsible for providing the tools to improve the health of our purebred dogs. OFA and CHIC are invaluable resources...

120 – Canine Vaccinations with Dr. Jean Dodds – Part 4

  Dr. Jean Dodds - All About Canine Vaccinations In Pure Dog Talk Episode #120, we talk with Dr. Jean Dodds about the canine vaccination controversy and her recommendations to consider for your dog. Hemopet and Canine Vaccinations Protocols, Q & A, and further...

118 – Thyroid Epidemic in Dogs: Dr. Jean Dodds #3

Thyroid Epidemic in Dogs: What it is and Why it’s Important My breed, the German Wirehaired Pointer, is currently ranked number 10 of all breeds for prevalence of this autoimmune disorder. And that’s progress! Ten to 15 years ago, it was ranked second. I learned about...

116 – Wholistic Medicine with Dr. Jean Dodds – Part 2

In Part 2 of Pure Dog Talk's Dr. Jean Dodds series, Jean discusses Wholistic Medicine, food as medicine, and how to test your dog for food sensitivities. Part 1 - Episode # 114 Wholistic Medicine - How traditional medicine works with conventional medicine Dr. Dodds...

107 – How To Properly Bathe and Dry Your Dog with Laura Reeves

Proper Bathing and Drying of Dogs with Laura Reeves Our bathing dogs topic today is a thank you for Facebook Fan #2000 Joann Frisch! Joann says she owns a grooming salon, so she’s always up for grooming topics. We covered pretty basic steps in Episode 73 and working...

105 – Where have All The Kennel Clubs Gone…

Where Have All the Kennel Clubs Gone... As Eugene Kennel Club disbands after their final 2017 show, we ask... how many more kennel clubs will go away... Have we lost the purpose of kennel clubs? Are kennel clubs just for "putting on shows"? Should kennel clubs be or...

101- Saint Bernards of Stoan and Lasqueti Island with Joan Zielinski

Saint Bernards of Lasqueti Island - Stoan Saint Bernards with Joan Zielinski Joan Zielinski, AKC Judge and Breeder of Merit, and Breeder of Stoans Saint Bernards, speaks with Laura Reeves about raising Saint Bernards. Saint Bernards from the Stoan Perspective by Stan...

97 – First Aid for Dogs: Bloat, Shock, Heatstroke and Snakebite

First Aid for Dogs: Bloat, Shock, Heatstroke, Snakebite First Aid for Dogs, Part 2 with Dr. Cynthia Heiller, DVM What conditions require immediate veterinary attention and how to recognize them can be the difference between survival or not. First Aid for Dogs - Bloat...

88 – Wire Coated Breeds and How to Work With Them

  Working with Wire Coated Breeds Let's Talk Stripping! Hand stripping that is! But before we tackle wire coated breeds, start out by revisiting episode 73, back to basics grooming.  This will give you a good foundation to move forward with working on your wire coated...

87 – Dual Champions: Melissa Newman – Laverack vs Llewellin

  Dual Champions: Melissa Newman - Laverack vs Llewellin Continuing our conversation on the challenges of creating dual champions, Melissa Newman talks with us about her journey to build a family of dogs that meet this exacting goal.  From a childhood spent hunting...

85 – Wendy Paquette on Shih Tzu, Toys and Breeding Challenges

WENRICK KENNELS Wendy Paquette - Shih Tzu, Toy Breeds and Breeding Wendy Paquette faced challenges with her choice of Shih Tzu as a breed.  Before the internet, with no other breeders in northern Canada, Wendy imported her first two dogs from England. All Breed Judge...

84 – Obedience at the Garden: David Haddock, AKC Judge

  Obedience at the Garden: David Haddock, AKC Judge Obedience was not always offered at the Garden during the Westminster Kennel Club show.  David Haddock, member of Westminster Kennel Club and AKC Judge, was instrumental in the inclusion of obedience competition.   A...

82 – New to Group Ring? 10 Tips to Survive and Succeed

New to the Group Ring? Requested by Brandon Lobato in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brandon writes, “Love the podcast, it really keeps me motivated. I started showing two years ago and didn't know anything. It took me a year and 15 shows to get my first point. I pointed him...

81 – Social Media Challenge from Randy Benns and Luke Baggenstos

Social Media Challenge Randy Benns and Luke Baggenstos are both members of the Professional Handler's Association. Luke Baggenstos Luke literally was born into dogs. His parents and stepmother are all dog people. He worked for dad, Rick, and stepmom Dinah,  both PHA...

78 – Litter Evaluation Workshop: Recorded LIVE with Laura Reeves

Litter Evaluation Workshop: Recorded LIVE with Laura Reeves Puppy litters are our hopes, dreams, and a bit of mystery for dog breeders.  Every litter is a chance to get it right, to learn a little more about our breeding selections. Picking the Right Puppy Our second...

75 – Edd Bivin: Take the Lead and AKC Judge

Edd Bivin: Dedicated to the Sport of Dogs From Pomeranians to prestigious judge at Westminster and National Events, Mr. Bivin contributes to the sport through the Take the Lead Foundation.  Listen to episode 75 as he shares his history and dedication with Laura...

74 – Eugene Blake: International Judge and Best Dressed Gentleman

Eugene Blake - International Judge Eugene Blake is always dapper in appearance, impeccable in style, and a smile full of life and joy. He is a lovely judge to show under, a man of extensive dog knowledge, and a willing mentor for new exhibitors in the show ring. In...

73 – Dog Grooming: Back to Basics for Better Coats

Grooming Back to Basics for Better Coats Grooming is as important a part of successful conformation presentation as handling. It doesn’t matter how gifted you are, you can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ear in the 10 minutes you’re in the ring. It takes work. In...

63 – Conformation Basics Expanded #1 by Laura Reeves

Conformation Back to Basics for Summer Shows Ready for Summer?  Let's start with a quick review: Stack Your Dog Moving Your Dog Quiet Hands with Janice Hayes Teach a dog to stand without stuffing food in it’s mouth… Your show dog lunging at bait does not create a...

62 – Lure Coursing with Cindi Gredys: Ready to Have Fun?

Lure Coursing with Cindi Gredys Ready to Have Some Fun? My first borzoi was acquired in 1994. I strive to produce beautiful and functional hounds so Jubilee dogs are tested in open field competition, as well as lure coursing, racing, obedience, and rally which has...

61 – How to Disappear as a Dog Show Handler: Janice Hayes

Janice Hayes - The Disappearing Handler Janice Hayes started as a junior handler, then assistant handler, and quickly rose through the Professional Handler ranks.  With an English Setter as her first "heart dog", Janice fell in love with the soft, but hard-headed...

60 – National Purebred Dog Day: Susi Szeremy

National PureBred Dog Day with Susi Szeremy May 1 Don't miss the fun and support your dogs by posting a photo with an I Love Purebred Dog Day sign! Listen to Susi Szeremy Tell the Story of How it all Started Susi and Laura laugh and entertain on this special day. Find...

54 – Why National Specialties are Mentor Magic – Eileen Hackett

National Specialties and Mentor Opportunities: Eileen Hackett Where but a National Specialty can you pull up a ringside chair, in the company of top breeders, and watch hundreds of dogs in your breed? Where but a National Specialty can you see two or three generations...

53 – Stud Dog Series #2: Management for Better Semen Production

  Learn How to Increase Your Stud Dog's "Stuff" Healthy Semen 101 Sirius Canine Fertility returns for Part 2 of our Stud Dog Series. LISTEN to episode #53 and learn: Reproductive Soundness Collection Do's and Don'ts Environmental Conditions Stress Managing Stud Dogs...

52 – Simple Tips on Whelping Puppies: Myra Savant Harris

Myra Savant Harris Whelping puppies is often panic time for even experienced breeders.  Myra Savant Harris, RN, gives simple tips on the do's and dont's of whelping puppies.  What is the green fluid and is it an emergency, to don't swing the puppy, to gurgling pups,...

48 – Mike Pitts: Teaching the Next Generation

From Apprentice to Master Handler to Mentoring the Next Generation   Mike Pitts, along with his wife Linda, are among the top tier handlers in the country, having run multiple top dogs over the years. Most recently, Linda piloted the Puli, Preston, to number one all...

46 – Two Time Crufts Winner – Breeder Owner Jason Lynn

Winning Crufts Dog Show not once, but twice with both an American Cocker and Standard Poodle. Co-bred with Michael Gadsby and handler on both is an amazing feat. Listen to American-born Jason Lynn on the road from a 7 year old Kentucky born kid watching Jimmy Moses...

45 – Canine Conditioning: 8 Simple Exercises from Dixie Rae Sick

Dixie Rae Sick on Canine Conditioning Canine Conditioning is fitness for all our canine competitors and athletes.  Whether your dog is a show dog, an agility dog or a frisbee dog, a herding, hunting, working or field dog, or just your best backpacking companion;...

44 – Call the Coonhounds: Night Hunts, Water Races and more

  Jason Duby and Blue Tick Coonhounds Big Adventures Jason Duby loves to run his blue tick coonhounds.  Bench shows, field trials, nite hunts and water races are all coonhound competitions that earn AKC titles. This introduction will be shorter than usual as nite...

43 – Fight for your Breeding Rights: Patti Strand and NAIA

  National Animal Interest Alliance National Animal Interest Alliance and Patti Strand have been fighting for purebred dogs and animal ownership rights for 26 years.  Listen as Patti Strand gives an overview of the Animal Rights issues, the history, current public...

28 – Luc Boileau: Westminster Winner, Master Breeder and AKC Judge

  Breeder of Mulitiple Breeds - Professional Handler - AKC Judge Great stories of the 1990 Westminster win against Pat Craige (Trotter) with her elkhound, and how the true education and focus on not just one, but many breeds influence Luc Boileau as a judge.  A little...

27 – Ringcraft: How to Read the Judge’s Mind

Yes, you can read the dog show judges mind!  Laura Reeves lets you in on the secrets of ringcraft - master level skills of understanding the judges hands, gestures, and procedures.  More on proofing a dog that has not been properly prepared for life as a show...

23 – Our Breeds are Endangered: Preservation Breeding-Bill Shelton

  Purebred Dogs Headed for Extinction? The need for Preservation Breeding has never been greater.  Not only has science revealed genetic traits and health testing, but the need for learning how to integrate genetic mapping into tradition breeding traditions. AKC Judge...

21 – Norma Smith: Footsteps of George Alston

Norma Smith: Helping Owner Handlers Protege of the renowned George Alston, Norma Smith provides owner handlers opportunity to improve and become competitive through her two day handling seminars.  Professional Handler with 250 Best in Show wins, Norma has handled top...

20 – Bomb Proof Your Puppy: Dr. Gayle Watkins #4

  Final Episode from Dr. Gayle Watkins How to socialize and prepare your puppy during the critical sensitive period up to 16 weeks of age.  Understand the difference between Startle and Fear, what age they occur, how to train Following, and create great temperaments...

19 – AKC Judge Suzanne Dillin: Speaks the Hard Truth

  Mrs. Suzanne Dillin AKC Judge, Vintage Breeder of Pugs and English Cockers, and Animal Artist, speaks the hard truth, straight to the point on a variety of subjects. Standards, mentors, clubs, breeders, linebreeding, stories of favorite dogs that epitomize the love...

18 – Jr Handler to Pro: 10 Tips to Beat the Odds

Junior Showmanship is the training grounds for future professional handlers and judges.  Laura Reeves, PHA, and second generation breeder, reveals 10 tips to consider when making the jump from junior to pro. AKC Breeder of Merit and Member of the Professional Handlers...

17 – Dr. Gayle Watkins: Transition Period in Puppies – Part 3

Dr Gayle Watkins has been breeding and showing multipurpose golden retrievers for 38 years under the kennel name Gaylan’s. Driven by a passion for science, she has taken her background as both a researcher and teacher, and applied it to breed and raise healthy, stable...

16 – Bill Shelton: How to Create a Family of Dogs

AKC Judge and Breeder Mr. William Shelton - Coventry Corgis Bill Shelton, a long time breeder of Pembroke Welsh Corgis, lecturer on Canine Anatomy, dog writer, is also an advocate of preservation breeders and the future of our breed's gene pools. Dr. Beckie Williams -...

15 – Become a Master Handler – the 4 Levels of Handling

  Mentor Monday Laura Reeves returns with another insightful lesson on the 4 Levels of Handling and How to Become a Master Handler. Beginner, Experienced, Competitive and Master Handlers each face unique learning opportunities, problems, and competition. Planning ...

13 – Legendary AKC Judge Virgina (Ginny) Lyne

AKC Judge Virginia Lyne AKC Judge Virginia Lyne Takes Us to School!  Miss Lyne, with almost 50 years of judging, speaks directly to judges and exhibitors on fascination with dogs, critiques, hands on training, judges study groups, breed comparisons and joy. Recorded...

12 – Test Your Dog’s Instincts – Wonderful World of Dog

  Tests, Training, Trials and Tributes Our dog's have natural instincts that have served us for thousand's of years, and their natural abilities remain innate today. Explore all the wonderful ways to play and test your dog's instincts, size them up against the best,...

09 – Finding a Show Puppy

Buying a purebred dog, whether for companionship, performance competition, a show dog or all of the above is exciting. It also requires patience, study and commitment. You aren’t going down to the car dealership and picking your favorite color & haggling over the...

The Three Little Piggies and How They Built a Better Dog – Ep #8

Straw, Sticks and Bricks - Understanding the blueprint to build a brick house, a foundation for better dogs and how breed history and the breed standard work together. Conformation - principles of the ideal dog. What is a dog supposed to BE? History Matters - What was...

7 – How to Count Dog Show Championship Points

How to Count Championship Points Understanding the Classes All classes are divided by sex and championship status. The non-champion male dogs compete for Winners Dog. The non-champion female dogs compete for Winners Bitch. Only animals awarded Winners Dog and Winners...

6 – Growing Up Your Show Dog

  Growing Up Your Show Dog: In this Episode Shaping a Show Dog What are Why are boundaries important? Crate Training and Safety Exposure and Early Socialization: Matter of fact introductions. Your role and attitude and how it imprints on the dog. Frequency of...

5 – Problem Solving 101 in the Show Ring

Problem Solving 101: In Episode #5, we tackle three of the most consistent ring issues. Showing the Bite Showing the dog's bite can be nerve racking for the beginner handler.  Since training the bite starts at a young age, sometimes an inexperienced handler needs a...

4 – How to Master the Dog Show Ring

  Steps to Mastering the Dog Show Ring: In this episode Laura Reeves takes you on a Virtual Tour - How to move from beginner to master level. Mastery is a mental game that Master handlers make look simple. Simple Tips: Get to the dog show early. Checklist of what to...

3 – Dog Show Basics – Moving Your Dog

  Dog Show Basics - Moving Your Dog Moving your dog. How to move gracefully with your dog. Why moving your dog smoothly is important and how to it helps you succeed. Getting Rid of Bad Habits Don’t mince your steps Lower your center of gravity Upper body and leash...

2 – How To Stack Your Dog

How To Stack Your Dog: Stacking your dog What is stacking your dog? Why stacking your dog is important and how to make the "picture". Successful handlers and how they catch the judge's eye. How to Hand Stack Starting puppies on the table The 3 Principles of Stacking...

Pure Dog Talk 411 – Ep 1

Pure Dog Talk 411   Your host, Laura Reeves, is an AKC Breeder of Merit and a member of the Professional Handlers Association.  A professional journalist, Laura's weekly column "As The Wheels Turn" is featured on Best In Show Daily. Breeder of German Wirehaired...

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    January 25, 2017 by KJMAJJM from United States

    If you are a dog lover you'll want to know about this PODCAST. Professional and experienced guests are asked interesting questions and give expert insight and advice. I'm super excited to have found this Podcast. I can't get enough of it. For those who do not have mentors, or their mentors are not the best communicators, this show is greatly appreciated. I feel like I've found gold at the end of a rainbow. I want more episodes and I want them longer! lol :) Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this Podcast.

  • Great advice
    January 17, 2017 by Sylvia rutmanis your neice from United States

    It is great advice I am gonna use all of your advice for the new puppy's and my other dogs

  • Essential for ALL dog owners
    January 9, 2017 by Crazy4Dobermans from United States

    Terrific, honest and fun podcast all about dog shows. Finally, here's someone explaining dog shows in detail without being too "inside baseball". Great discussions whether you're just starting out in dogs or have spent a lifetime handling. EVERY new dog owner should listen and every breeder should share with their puppy owners.

  • An outstanding resource for purebred dog enthusiasts!
    January 6, 2017 by Marcy Burke from United States

    BRAVO to Mary Albee and Laura Reeves for creating this amazing podcast! I love that the topics change, so there is something for every purebred dog lover.

  • New favorite!
    December 24, 2016 by Charleehw from United States

    I listen to different local Northwest podcasts every day. Dog Talk is my new favorite! My 7 year old daughter who is in 4-H with dogs loves it too and requested that I share it with all the kids. I've shown dogs for 28 years but still found so many helpful pearls. And a great way to reinforce good habits. Keep them coming!

  • Excellent for New Handlers
    December 13, 2016 by McmJen from United States

    This podcast is fantastic at explaining the in's and out's of handling your dog. I am new to the sport and love it!

  • Great resource!
    December 4, 2016 by lrmars from United States

    This podcast is a great resource for the purebred dog owner!

  • Improving my Showmanship
    December 2, 2016 by Marzdogs from United States

    Pure Dog Talk pod cast are very informative and easy to follow. Laura does a great job explaining how to work with your dog to get the most out of them in the show ring. I have only listened to the first 4 so far and I look forward to listening to many more to help improve my showmanship and my dogs performance.

  • Great info!
    December 2, 2016 by Melissa Everett Laggis from United States

    Clear and concise information with a friendly tone. As a brand new exhibitor (of Standard Poodles, no less!!), the information presented in these episodes are priceless!

  • Real-life dog talk
    December 2, 2016 by MikeMcCallum from United States

    This a a great podcast by long-time dog people: breeder, handler, owner. Laura is a straight shooter and has been in dogs since birth. She has a wealth of experience to share—all you have to do is listen!!

  • Tips for success
    December 2, 2016 by Cool Sue from United States

    This is an amazing source of information from professional handlers in the know. So much to learn from the professionals. Wish I had access to this info years ago.

  • Awesome!
    December 2, 2016 by Aaron111111111111119 from United States

    Love it! Great for dog show enthusiasts!

  • PureDogTalk Rocks!
    December 2, 2016 by KimRTaylor from United States

    What an awesome new resource for purebred dog owners!


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