230 – Storm Kloud Alaskan Malamutes: Continuation of a Dream | Pure Dog Talk

Storm Kloud team of Alaskan Malamutes proved their heritage in 1994 After two years and 3,000 hours of training, Nancy Russell’s Storm Kloud Alaskan Malamutes were ready to compete in the iconic Iditarod Race in 1994. Russell shares her stories of this epic journey, noting that she was proud to show that “Our dogs can…


236 – CHF Research Examines Neurological Diseases | Pure Dog Talk

Epilepsy is the number one neurological problem in dogs Dr. Diane Brown and the Canine Health Foundation are doing battle with neurological disease, specifically epilepsy, in an effort to improve the lives all dogs, and their people. “Epilepsy is a complex disease,” Brown said. “It presents in different ways. It is present in all dogs,…


235 – Finding Common Ground to Grow the Purebred Dog Fancy | Pure Dog Talk

Common Ground Brings Everyone to the Table Attorney Debra Hamilton finds common ground in the most challenging situations. Whether in interpersonal, transactional, public or even adversarial relationships, the solution, Hamilton suggests, is simple. Just listen! Can’t we all just get along? “We are so passionate as a sport that we sometimes can’t find common ground…


world dog show 2018

229 – Allison’s Insights from the World Dog Show | Pure Dog Talk

World Dog Show unites dog enthusiasts Allison Foley talks with host Laura Reeves about the incredible spectacle that is the World Dog Show. “The World Dog Show really does bring the dog world together in one place,” Foley said. She added that this year’s event in Amsterdam was particularly well attended by dogs and fanciers…


220 – Take the Lead Charity Supports Dog Fancier “Family” | Pure Dog Talk

Take the Lead founder Tom Bradley on supporting our “family” of dog fanciers   Take the Lead started with a phone call. Tom Bradley shared his memory of receiving a call for help from a young friend in need. That one conversation, and the subsequent private assistance provided to this individual, launched an enduring gift…


219 – Positive Solutions for Canine Aggression Issues | Pure Dog Talk

Tips and tools for managing canine aggression using positive reinforcement   Lisa Moore is a canine behavior counselor who works regularly for clients dealing with aggression issues in their dogs. She uses positive reinforcement and counter-conditioning methods to bring these dogs to a point at which they can be safely managed. “One of my Belgian Tervuren…