271 — Jeff Pepper on PBGV and the Importance of Performance | Pure Dog Talk

Jeff Pepper on PBGV and Understanding Standards Through Performance Jeff Pepper, AKC judge, breeder and Take the Lead Treasurer, joined host Laura Reeves at the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin. Listen in for this absolutely fascinating conversation on the history and type differences of PBGV (petit basset griffon vendéen) and GBGV (grand basset…


268 – Veterinary Voice: Newborn Puppy Risk Factors | Pure Dog Talk

Managing the Neonate – Early Detection and Management of Newborn Risk Factors By Dr. Marty Greer, DVM, JD Breeders, experienced and inexperienced, will benefit from monitoring their newborn pups for the following parameters. This information is modified from recent research gleaned from Neocare in France. Having specific numbers to assess and monitor can be very…


265 – #takebackourstory: How YOU Can Help the Fight | Pure Dog Talk

#takebackourstory: how YOU Can Help the Fight for Breeders’ Rights AKC Vice President of Government Relations Sheila Goffe shares details about the Political Action Committee. This fund, administered by AKC, is another tool helping breeders #takebackourstory. “We are constantly fighting bad legislation,” Goffe said. “One of the things we can do that is the best…


269 – Authors: Clean Paws Are Very Important For a Scottie, You Know | Pure Dog Talk

Clean Paws Are Very Important For a Scottie, You Know Pilar Kuhn and Rod Ott, authors of the award-winning children’s book “Clean Paws are Very Important for a Scottie, You Know” joined host Laura Reeves live at Westminster Kennel Club. Scottie registrations are down, Kuhn said. The breed has witnessed an astonishing 70 percent decrease…


272 – Pam Bruce: Memories and the Essence of Style in Purebred Dogs | Pure Dog Talk

Pam Bruce: Memories and the Essence of Style in Purebred Dogs Pam Bruce, fourth generation Canadian dog fancier, joins host Laura Reeves in part one of a wide-ranging very personal interview on history, people, judging, breeding and the essence of “style” in purebred dogs. The quintessential dog person, Bruce shares stories and humor and insight…


253 — Winter Workouts with the Big Moose… Keep Your Dog Fit in January | Pure Dog Talk

Winter workouts: Keep your dog fit in January Kristin Sandstede, certified canine conditioning coach, says winter workouts featuring mental stimulation will help keep your dogs sane during dreary weather. Sandstede offers concrete projects you can do to have dogs use their brains, when it is rainy, gray, cold or nasty, without having to brave the…

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