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149 – Pedigrees Produce Top Winners|Sue Huebner|Pure Dog Talk

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Cordmaker Mister Blue Sky ‘PRESTON’

Sue Huebner, Cordmaker Pulik, shares how she built the pedigrees that consistently produce top winners, including Preston.

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Thank you! Thank You!

I love these podcasts!! Even though I have been involved in breeding and showing for many years, I can not believe how much I have learnt from Laura and her guests. We live in NZ, and these podcasts make us feel not so far away from the rest of the dog world, to have this kind of information shared is remarkable. Allison Foley is my fave Laura guest and as a result listening to her, we have purchased several of the Leading Edge Dog Show Acadamy lessons and boy! they are good! Thank you Laura, amazing work. I can not recommend you highly enough!

by 11outfox123 from New Zealand

iBulldogges Loves You Laura Reeves

I must admit, I've been very selfish about this podcast... my most recent obsession.. I wanted to ingest all of it before everyone else. Currently on episode 130 🤗 Laura Reeves is so engaging, informative and sincere it's hard not to get choked up when she does. The passion just pours out of her and her interviewees. She's everything I want to be for my #OEBCommunity ... She touches on health, education, wellness, giving back, SHOWS and the history of our beloved animals, animal rights and PUR RIGHTS TO HAVE & BREED our babies 💞

by Biggieushnbdf from United States

Golden Retrievers

I'm addicted. I love the shoptalk, and also the humor and friendliness.

by Jill Simmons from United States

Great Resource

What a great resource for a novice handler and breeder. Informative and very supportive! What a great way to promote purebred dogs, and support thoughtful breeding and confirmation (among other dog activities) in an unbiased and modern way. Kudos to Laura.

by Adam Ninja from United States

Best dog podcast EVER!

Thank you so much for all the info you share! I love this podcast and can’t wait to hear new episodes 💙

by Mrcdzz from Mexico