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Welcome to Pure Dog Talk Vendor Row

Train at home AND shop at home!

Every dog show has vendors with dog-related swag, gifts, and other necessary items — that’s how we dog people have fun! Take a virtual stroll below and check out over 60 vendors with clickable links to their own websites. Scratch that dog show shopping itch and let’s help keep our dog show community strong!

Auntie Laura's Beginners Guide to Show Dogs! How to Stack Your Dog... and Other Important "Talks"!

This book organizes our most popular podcast episodes into one quick, convenient package, with bonus material and special guest appearances!!

This book is designed for folks new to purebred dogs and dog shows and offers help, mentorship, and advice with their new dog.

Do you have a new puppy you're eager to get into the ring? Or sending your purpose-bred pup home to a new show home? This will get them off to the right start!

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