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"Hi crew! I'm your host, Laura Reeves…"

Laura is an AKC Breeder of Merit, AKC judge, and the host of the Pure Dog Talk podcast. A retired member of the Professional Handlers Association, Laura is a second-generation breeder of German Wirehaired Pointers, under the Scotia Kennel banner.

The Story Behind Pure Dog Talk

In her professional handling career, spanning 25 years, Laura consistently maintained a high-quality, low-number client list. She has finished hundreds of dogs, with group winners from each of the seven variety groups. Specializing in rare breeds and challenging dogs, she has piloted dogs to Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show, Group wins, #1 rankings, and more.

Her kennel, Scotia dogs, has earned well over 100 titles — in the show ring, in hunt tests, field trials, and NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association), in agility, tracking, obedience and rally. Her dedication to breeding dual-purpose dogs reflects a stated goal of preserving the all-weather, rugged, sound-minded versatile gun dog the breed’s founders envisioned.

"Mom enrolled me in dog care 4-H when I was in 4th grade because I was 'shy, retiring and lacked people skills...' I was possibly the only 3rd grader in the world who knew the Dewey Decimal system by heart and whose best friend was the school Librarian," Reeves observed wryly.

She spent her childhood training in field trial Labs to improve their blind retrieves, teaching Clumber Spaniels how to swim, and German Wirehaired Pointers to retrieve to hand.

"Dad was very serious about my schoolwork, so he paid me a minimum wage of the day (I think it was like $1.50/hr) to work with the dogs rather than have an after-school job." Reeves noted. Her photos are showcased in the book "Hup" by James Spencer, working with the family's Clumber Spaniels.

Laura has served the GWPCA as an AKC Gazette columnist, as a Judges Education Committee member and chair, as the Vice President, President, and National Events Coordinator, and more. Her background as a competitive high school debater, newspaper reporter, marketing rep, and researcher/writer for audio driving tours has served her well in her side projects.

Laura's weekly column "As The Wheels Turn" ran continuously for three years at Best in Show Daily. Her adventures as host of the PureDogTalk podcast since 2016 lend her particular combination of skills to a popular exhibitor education platform. Laura Reeves is the author of "How to Stack Your Dog... and Other Important "Talks" and researcher and writer for "Exploring Lewis and Clark Along the Columbia"


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What people say about Pure Dog Talk


Schnauzer love!

FABULOUS!!!! Whether you are in the show ring, have a pet dog, or are thinking about purchasing a dog, there is valuable information for everyone. So excited to have Laura coming to Utah for the dog show. So much valuable information for the overall care and health of dogs, at every age! -- Trish Utah

LOVE this podcast!

I’ve loved, owned, showed and trained purebred dogs for many years, but have still always felt a little overwhelmed with how much info I felt like I lacked. Okay, I need to stack my dogs in the ring, but how do I do it well? I want to breed someday but how the heck to I know I’m ready? I live in a part of the country where there just are not many others in my breed. I feel like this podcast has been sort of a substitute mentor. It’s given me more courage to know what questions to ask and who to connect to. I really, really appreciate the wealth of info in these episodes! I learn something every time.-- Ellen o' the Cu

Pure Dog Talk

I have been breeding and showing dogs for over 50 years and I LOVE Purebred Dog Talk! I learn something from every single podcast. Bravo! to Laura Reeves for her wonderful interviews on anything and everything having to do with purebred dogs. -- dogjudge

Absolutely love this pod!

I’m hoping to get into breeding and showing, and stumbled across this pod. It has been a wealth of knowledge. I love all the episodes, but the ones with Dr Marty Greer are just so educational and amazing! I get so excited everytime I hear Laura say our favorite Dr is back on as the guest! -- Ahem007, 08/24/2021

Everything Dogs

Thank you, Laura! I’ve learned so much from your show over the last few years. You and your guests are constantly challenging me to think about new things. I love that. -- PepperJack1014

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