AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Responsible Dog Owner Day is just over a week away!! What are your plans to show your support for Responsible ownership of ALL dogs?? We're having a puppy party here at PDT World HQ! lol Stop by the AKC for more ideas!

October LIVE@5! Lightning Round w/ Laura

Facebook LIVE

Our topic is "Share Your Breed!" And we are asking that YOU share your breed name, favorite fact (maybe one most people don't know?), and a link to your breed standard in the comments on FB for a chance to have your breed featured in this LIVE episode of Pure Dog Talk! Comments need all…

November LIVE@5! Lightning Round w/ Laura

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Looking forward to our next Live @ 5 coming next Tuesday at 5 PM Pacific time! Laura will address the differences and similarities between purpose-bred and purebred dogs and the people who love them. Join us to ask your burning questions, and get ready for a poll about your dogs! Be sure to check out…

December LIVE@5! Lightning Round w/ Laura

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Pure Dog Talk host Laura Reeves is LIVE to share some tips for emergency preparedness, some holiday cheer, some gift-giving ideas, and more... JOIN us for the best LIVE convo around. Be sure to check out the many episodes archived at PureDogTalk for more tips and tools.

July LIVE@5! Global Perspective

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Host Laura Reeves and special guest, Katie Campbell, Taji Basenjis & Ibizan Hounds, talk *global perspective* in purebred dogs. Katie, in addition to her skills as a Master Breeder, is an AKC judge, and delegate and was a member of the last BCOA-approved trip to Africa to import dogs from their native land to improve…

August LIVE@5! Savvy Pet Insurance with Trupanion

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You’ve heard about pet insurance, but we are doing one better: Trupanion reps join Laura to share some pet insurance industry insider info, do some myth-busting, and answer YOUR questions LIVE! Plan to join us for this fabulous opportunity to get exclusive access to the Trupanion team.