Rooleaux Leads

Braided kangaroo leads. Closed to new custom orders, and pre-made available.



I knew the first time I got my hands on braided kangaroo leather that it was a luxury I wanted everybody to experience. However, it didn’t take long for it to dawn on me that most luxuries come coupled with an equally luxurious price-tag. Here at Rooleaux, I want to bring ‘roo to you–all of the quality, ease of care, and beauty that you dream of–at a price that makes that dream just a little more attainable.

The perfect show lead is a sentimental thing. Rightfully so! It’s something that you’ll cherish throughout the life of your dog, and perhaps even after. It should feel special every step of the way. Thus, I encourage you to be as involved in the design/creation process as you’d like to. I want to work WITH you. I’m always, always happy to do test braids to give light to your ideas for color combinations, bead/spacer placements, knotwork, etc. We’ll try anything once.

If the awesome people I’ve met on this journey from hare-brained idea to launching this shop have taught me anything, it’s that this is more than just business. We might not be able to shake hands virtually, but the Rooleaux vision is a beautiful leather lead that both starts and ends with a friendly smile.

My name’s Izzy and I’m the face behind Rooleaux. It’s nice to meet you! Tell me about your dogs, your passion, and your vision.


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