67 – African Basenji Project with Damara Bolte: Legendary Basenji Mentor

african basenji project

African Basenji Project Stories with Damara Bolte

Damara Bolte: PHA Handler, Basenji Breeder and Animal Sculptor

Enjoy the stories of a woman professional handler in the 1950's, early days of Basenji's in America, 33 years of working at National Institutes of Health's "Mouse House" and more...

Damara Bolte's sculptures can be found in the AKC Dog Museum, as commissioned works and awards.

The artist, Damara Bolte, has a strong background in Animal Husbandry and Livestock Judging.  Graduating from Purdue University in Animal Husbandry, she studied sculpture in Paris under Messr. C. Delhommeau and retired from thirty-three years as a supervisory Animal Scientist at the National Institutes of Health.  She has bred generations of Best in Show Basenjis under the Reveille prefix and also Mastiffs and Border Terriers.

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