42 – Juniors Speak Out: Listen to the Wisdom – Jr. Showmanship Judges

Raina Moss

Juniors are Wise Beyond Their Years

Little did we know when Laura Reeves put the question out on Facebook asking the simple question…

Is there a difference between competing in Junior Showmanship and the regular conformation ring?

Vienna Yeadon
Vienna Yeadon

We would be overwhelmed with a multitude of intelligent, thought-provoking responses!

Juniors of all ages, aged-out Juniors, and Juniors that are now judging Juniors have a lot to say!

Here is a list of some of the best!  Thank You!

Taylor Marshall, Rily DeVos Mars, Kelly Schur, Janelle Chamberlin, Kendyl Schultze, Jess Pearson, Alexzandra Erb, Shahntae Martinez, Cassie Noe, Abbie Marsh, Jeannette Mueller, Hannah Layne Hunyady, Shannon Jimenez, Vienna Yeadon, Lauren Elizabeth Weber, Annika Dechert, Anna Pearson, Caleb Campbell, Kim Bullard, Terri Brennan-Weiss, Kaitlin Derosier, Mallary Ross, Chloe Auld, Sylvia Miller, Gilliam McKim

Per Request

Yes, we will be publishing an article with all the responses!  It will also be in our weekly newsletter, so if you aren’t on our mailing list…  join us.

Kelly Schur
Kelly Schur
Gilliam McKim
Gilliam McKim


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  1. Wendy Snyder on 03/20/2017 at 3:33 PM

    LOVE the article. Thanks. I just wish more juniors would get involved in local kennel clubs. We need new ideas and help.

  2. Peggy D Jackson Bostons by PeJa on 03/21/2017 at 3:34 PM

    Great article and so encourage Juniors as they are the future of our DOG WORLD. My foundation Boston Terrier Bitch was shown by a Junior that Specialed her to place 7 out of 8 times in the Group. She was the only Junior Handler in the state of Tennessee to qualify for Westminster that year 30 years ago. Was a great handler in any Breed. She grew up with Evelyn Gregory, Rusty Howard and several others that went on to become handlers and judges.

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