622 – CRUFTS! Preview with breeder, exhibitor, judge Sharon Pinkerton

CRUFTS! Preview with breeder, exhibitor, judge Sharon Pinkerton

Sharon Pinkerton with one of her 66 champion GWP.

Sharon Pinkerton, Bareve GWP, joins host Laura Reeves to preview the Crufts dog show held in Birmingham, England on March 7-10.

Pinkerton, who was raised with Greyhounds and English Cocker Spaniels, will judge Spinoni Italiano and the Breeders Competition finals at the show.

“Originally launched on 15 January 2009, the prestigious breeders’ competition, sponsored by Agria Pet Insurance, gives breeders the opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge as a breeder,” according to the Crufts website. “Each year a number of qualifying heats take place at general and group championship shows. Teams compete to gain points by being placed between 1st – 4th.

The top 40 teams will qualify for the final at Crufts, of which two positions will be for the breeders’ competition winners from the European and world dog shows.”

“I’ve judged German Wirehaired Pointers (at Crufts) a long time ago. And I’ve also judged Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas. But this has been a little while since I’ve been asked to judge at Crufts. And certainly the first time I’ve been asked to do anything like the breeders (competition).

“It is still quite a new competition. I’m probably the first true exhibitor that’s been asked to judge it. The last four years have been top all-rounders where they’ve had breeding experience but they are more considered now to be an all-round judging person as such rather than still a breeder exhibitor. So I feel quite special really to be at that level.

“I think that’s what I’m looking forward to most is actually doing that because I know it’s such an achievement to be asked. When I first got the email invite and I opened it and looked and I just thought no this is a mistake people like me we don’t get invited for these sort of things. I dutifully sent it back thinking it would just come back saying ‘I’m really, really sorry Sharon, but it was wrong.’ But it came back as yes, you’re now confirmed.”

Sharon decided German Wirehaired Pointers were the breed for her and acquired one from the second litter ever born in the UK. Since the mid ‘70s she has produced 66 champions, of which 12 are full champions, where the dogs have proven their ability in the field as well as the show ring.

“Dogs that have a job to do are considered to be show champions until they’ve actually been out in the field to prove their gun dog worthiness,” Pinkerton said, “plus of course the Border Collie which is the only herding breed that are show champions until they actually go and prove their ability to herd.

Champion Bareve Blaauboskom JW in the field.

“So all the gun dogs, no matter what breed they are, are all show champions unless you then go out into the field and prove that they are capable of doing the job that they were bred to do. And then we can proudly knock off the show bit and then they become full champions.

Listen in to the entire interview for more details and insights about the famous Crufts dog show.