575 – Ears: Yeast, Bacteria and Dr. Greer’s Mind-Blowing Tip for Hair Removal

Ears: Yeast, Bacteria and Dr. Greer’s Mind-Blowing Tip for Hair Removal

Dr. Marty Greer, DVM joins host Laura Reeves for important information on maintaining healthy ears in our dogs, diagnosing and treating ear infections and her *mind-blowing* tip for hair removal from the ear canal.

“Ears are complicated,” Greer said. “It’s not just go pick up a tube of Panalog and you’re going to fix the whole problem. It is not that simple. I wish it were. Everybody wishes it were. Clients don’t understand why we have these chronic, recurrent, never-ending problems.

“Ears can be as simple as … the puppy got some water in its ears. It was out in the rain, playing around, rolled in the snow, had a good time, came in, got a little water in the ear, got an ear infection. However, a lot of dogs have these chronic, recurrent, never-ending ear infections. They can be bacterial, they can be yeast, they can be a combination, they can be allergic and some dogs just have itchy ears.

“Our dogs should not have ear wax in their ears. Cats should not have ear wax in their ears. Children should. Ferrets should. Dogs and cats should not have ear wax. So anytime you see discharge in the ears, if you put a Q-tip or a Kleenex in and you wipe out something that’s yellow, brown, icky. If you get stuff out, your dog needs to go see the vet. There’s a problem.

Pro Tip

“Don’t mess with a healthy ear. If your dog doesn’t have a problem with its ears, don’t start cleaning it. Don’t start putting stuff in the ear canal if there’s nothing wrong with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it because you’ve now taken an environment that was healthy and you’ve changed it, so don’t put something in the ear unless you need to.

Mind Blown…

“You can pluck hair on the ears (to help keep a drier environment). I think it sets up inflammatory changes …You’re ripping hair out of the hair follicles. A lot of people don’t know, and I learned this at a meeting. So, this is not Marty Greer going off the rails. This is actually from a dermatologist. You can put Nair in the ear canal and get rid of the hair. You wanna make sure that the ear drum’s intact of course. And I usually use the one with aloe.

“I’m careful when I do it. I usually put it down with a Q-tip. I don’t wanna push a big squirt out of the bottle and into the ear and then have the dog shake its head. Because if you lose an eyebrow as your dog shook its head and then Nair flew out in your face, I am not responsible for this.

“All the hair doesn’t come out on the first treatment. It takes a couple of times to do it. I put it down in the ear canal. I give it about 10 minutes and then I’ll go in with the Q-tip and just kind of spin the Q-tip and the hair starts to just lift out. It’s really cool.”

Listen to the full episode for more excellent information on healthy ears for our dogs.