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28 – Luc Boileau: Westminster Winner, Master Breeder and AKC Judge

Breeder of Mulitiple Breeds – Professional Handler – AKC Judge

Great stories of the 1990 Westminster win against Pat Craige (Trotter) with her elkhound, and how the true education and focus on not just one, but many breeds influence Luc Boileau as a judge.  A little reminiscing on dog shows in the early days, and visiting the great kennels and breeders, and how intense and interested everyone was in learning.

A few tips for breeders and exhibitors… Mr. Boileau entertains us in his own unique way.

Luc Boileau has the unique experience of breeding a multitude of breeds.  Starting in Whippets and Poodles in Canada, Mr. Boileau managed show dogs at Ed Jenner’s Knolland Farm.  Successful professional handler, Mr. Boileau won Westminster in 1990 with the Pekingese Ch Wendessa Crown Prince.






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  1. DeAnn Ulmer on 02/16/2017 at 4:37 PM

    Luc is a wealth of knowledge in so many breeds!! He is always so interesting to visit with and in this interview, he brings out several important ideas. Spend time with your fellow breeders and lay hands on as many representatives of your breed that you can. Stay at the show after you are done showing and soak up information on other breeds!! It will be well with your while!!

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