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401 – How to Train 15 Tricks for a Virtual Trick Dog Title

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How to Train 15 Tricks for a Virtual Trick Dog Novice Title

Kristin Sandstede, of Big Moose Dog Training, is back to give us a tutorial on training tricks for our dogs. Since the explosion of interest in AKC’s Virtual Trick Dog Novice title during the hiatus of dog events, people everywhere are training, or trying to train, Flopsy and Mopsy to do tricks.

This is a fun and interactive episode, with a YouTube video link here  to help everyone achieve success with tricks.

Kristin describes luring and shaping as different training tools. And shows us how to successfully train all the tricks needed to earn your dog’s title. She even gives hints on the video submission!

“There is no age limit on the trick titles, so that is really awesome,” Kristin said. “There’s an age limit on the AKC star puppy certification, as far as you have to be under a year and regulations on your other sports.

“If you(r dog) has a CGC on file (with AKC), you only need 5 tricks. If you don’t, it’s perfectly OK, you need 10 tricks. you (know) probably 6 to 8 just from what we learned in basic obedience.

“I can teach the vast majority of my tricks using luring. Imagine two magnets and if you hold them really close together, they want to do jump out and touch. So, I think of my dog kibble or my dog treat as a dog magnet. Where the nose goes, the tail will follow. Novice trick titles allow luring/treats for the dog to perform the trick. All tricks on video or in person, must be performed twice.”


  • Sit/Down on Hand Signal
  • Puppy Pushups (Sit to Down to Sit)
  • Shake/High Five/Target
  • Spin in a Circle
  • Paws Up (two feet on an object)
  • Jump Up (four feet on an object)
  • In a Box (four feet IN an object)
  • Kennel Up
  • Walk the Plank
  • Go Tunnel
  • Find the Cookie
  • Home Base
  • Get Around
  • Crawl
  • On Your Pillow



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  1. Gail Ferguson on 06/15/2020 at 1:02 PM

    As much as I enjoy all your podcasts, there is one area that I wish you’d look at. The volume can’t be turned down and every time it starts it is very loud and I have to go to my volume control in my settings in order to listen without it blasting my ears! There is no volume control where you turn the podcast on and I know others who have it so there has to be somewhere you can adjust it.

    Thanks for all you do to keep us informed and entertained!

    Gail Ferguson

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