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63 – Conformation Basics Expanded #1 by Laura Reeves

expanding conformation basics

Conformation Back to Basics for Summer Shows

Ready for Summer?  Let’s start with a quick review:

Stack Your Dog

Moving Your Dog

Quiet Hands with Janice Hayes

Teach a dog to stand without stuffing food in it’s mouth…

Your show dog lunging at bait does not create a simple, clean and impressive picture.  Train without handfuls of bait.  Handfuls of food equals bribery, not training.

Watch the video below to see how this is accomplished.

Be Fair and Consistent – Don’t Expect what you don’t Train

If you don’t train a behavior such as a stack, don’t expect it in the ring.  It’s just not fair.  Put in the time if you want the reward.  Remember, Olympic athletes win because of the discipline and training first, then their talents.

Conformation Common Battles

Rocking Horse or Racking Back

If the judge approaches and the dog racks back, you have an outside the ring practice issue.  Laura explains a little of this in her personal story at the end of this episode but also:

Conga Line – At a show or kennel meeting with experienced dog people:

  • Stack your dog
  • Have first person approach with a smile and just touch your dog on the back and keep going, reward and release.
  • Repeat with a slightly longer touch – don’t push it. Reward and release.
  • Repeat with pat on head, touch on back, walk around rear and back to standing in the front away from the dog, reward and release.
  • Get the picture… Don’t go to fast.  If the dog reacts, go back a step.


Moving a foot or dancing in the ring could be as simple as poor stacking or stacking your dog in an uncomfortable position.

  • Be sure to stack your dog appropriate to your breed.
  • Practice stacking while looking in a mirror.
  • Print photos of winning dogs and paste them to the mirror to compare.

Over Exuberant, Happy Happy

Yes, we want our dogs to have a good time. Yes, this is an issue if the judge cannot examine.  Yes, this is lack of training the basics.

A happy, happy release from a stand stay is a reward.  Watch the agility and obedience rings if this is a new concept to you.

Sit, Stay, and Stand are all trainable expectations.  Practicing or “proofing” these expectations in dog show or public situations are part of your job to prepare your dog for the show ring.  It doesn’t just “happen”.




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  1. ron smith on 05/20/2017 at 7:44 PM

    Thank you Auntie Laura watching things like this is exactly what I need make my dogs better and make me better thank you again keep the videos coming

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