Dr. Gayle Watkins from Avidog.com 

Addresses the latest research on proper nutrition of the dam prior to breeding, and how the dam’s nutrition affects immunity, temperament, and life-long health in our puppies.

The 7 Stages of Growth

Macro Nutrients:  Sources and minimum requirements at pregnancy, neonatal, lactation and weaning stages.

  • Protein,
  • Fat and
  • Carbohydrates – their sources and minimum requirements at stages of pregnancy, neonatal, lactation and weaning are discussed.

Micro Nutrients:

  • Folic Acid to enhance brain and nervous system development and to reduce cleft pallet occurences.
  • Probiotics for immune support and to help establish a healthy microbiome in the puppies

How the vaginal birthing process affects immune system development.

Importance of colostrum in the first 12 hours.

Canine Nomograph

Blood Test on the Dam that tells:

  1. When maternal antibodies drop
  2. When Puppies are vulnerable to parvovirus and distemper
  3. Identifies when to vaccinate – when puppies can respond to vaccine
  4. Reduces number of puppy vaccinations required for protection
  5. Enables better socialization

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