55 – Seizures and Epilepsy: Genetic Testing for the Cause – Liz Hansen

Sketchbook Berger Picards

Canine Epilepsy: Bring the Breeders to the Scientists

Liz Hansen, University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine Genetics Lab, and breeder of Standard Schnauzers and Berger Picards, is helping to coordinate the international consortium on epilepsy.

Affected and Family Members’ Blood Samples Needed

DNA Banking of affected dogs and they are immediately affected or non-affected family members increase the ability of researchers to compare the genome sequences.

Since there are multiple forms of epilepsy. An online survey to assist owners willing to donate blood for the DNA bank.  Cheek swabs are not adequate for this particular research.

Canine epilepsy is one of the most emotionally devastating problems facing dog owners and breeders today. A consortium of researchers from the University of Missouri, University of Minnesota, Ohio Sate University, and the Animal Trust (England) are currently doing DNA research to try to locate the mutation(s) responsible for causing epilepsy in dogs. The genes controlling seizure problems in dogs are not well understood, but this project is attempting to find the marker(s) or mutation(s) responsible.

Mice, Rats, Humans, Canines

Epilepsy is being studied across species.  A canine discovery helps people too.

Listen as Liz Hansen explains the advancements and current research on both seizures and epilepsy.  One seizure is not necessarily epilepsy.


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