611 – Foundations for Success at the Dog Show: Shoes and Shapewear

Foundations for Success at the Dog Show Shoes and Shapewear

Foundations for Success at the Dog Show: Shoes and Shapewear

Veronica Wolfe, owner at Best in Show Clothes

Veronica Wolfe, owner of Best in Show Clothes, joins host Laura Reeves with professional advice on shoes, shapewear and other foundations for success at the dog show.

“I’ve become passionate about good shoes,” Wofe said. “And I’ve been known, a couple handlers can attest to this, of grabbing people and going, you need to get out of those shoes because you will have hip and knee and back problems before you’re 35 if you don’t. So, yeah, it’s important.

“If you can find a small shoe store in your area that actually has a fit specialist … I would be go to one. I would run to one. But you also need to know a little bit about your own foot issues. Do you roll in? That’s called pronating. Do you roll out? There are different things. Do you have high arches? Low arches? There are running stores now that you can go in and put your feet on things and it will show you your arch. There’s a couple things that you want.

“You do want some cushioning. We’re in concrete all day. I’m not running circles, but I’m standing in a booth. You know, we’re in concrete all day. People are running all day. You need something with some good cushion.

“You want to look for a non -slip sole. Some of the stores online now actually actually say non -slip. If you need an arch, you need a good arch. Arch supports. You can get them for $40, $50 at running stores. I’ve seen them in sections sometimes at like TJ Maxx and Ross. And the over -the -counter ones, I’ve been told by a shoe specialist, are as good as the custom $400 podiatrist ones.

“It almost seems like there’s more options for guys and you’ve got this balance, right? So you can get a nice leather shoe for an indoor show, but you’re going to ruin that leather shoe at eight a.m. in the morning when there’s dew outside. So, you’ve got some nicer looking skater shoes, but the problem with those is there’s generally very little arch support.

“I have a number of (women) clients who do not like the way their calves look, and they’ll be in boots even in the summertime. I think they look quite attractive if you’re wearing a skirt and a blazer or maybe if you want a denim skirt. I would just say try and keep a nice line between them so you have a skirt then you’ve got a gap and you’ve got your skirt. Maybe black hose or tights that make that transition seamless, so it’s not like this distracting line there. But you’ve got some really comfortable boots out there that will have that arch support or it’s easy to insert one in it.

Pro tip from Laura:

Pro tip from a handler perspective: have more than one pair of shoe for each day.

Change shoes, because even if it’s just changing the angle of your heel this much, it makes an enormous difference. Pat Rogers is the one who taught me that a million years ago as a handler, change your shoes at lunch, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Pro tip from Veronica:

don’t let your shoes get run down. If you are an exhibitor that’s going out every weekend, six months max, you need to toss those shoes.

For more on the essentials of foundations under our clothing, listen in to the full episode.



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