95 – Generic Dogs and Common Faults: Green Room Conversation with David Frei, Patty Keenan and Shawn Nichols

generic dogs common faults

Generic Dogs and Common Faults – 2 Recordings

Today’s podcast on Generic Dogs was recorded prior to the Saturday Symposium held on Saturday, July 8, in Puyallup, Washington.  Patty Keenan and Shawn Nichols are both AKC Judges and David Frei is our beloved “face and voice of the dog world”.

Listen as our guests and Laura Reeves discuss the topic in the green room, and read Shawn Nichols blog on the evening.

David, Patti, Laura and myself met prior to the start of the evening event to have a green room discussion on the topic “Generic Dogs & Common Faults”. Patti spoke up at the beginning and stated her concern that she felt this negative approach was not constructive and would not be her approach and that we should be looking for merit in what we judge and not focus on the negative, we all quickly agreed. When we all went through our history in the sport it was apparent we had all traveled different paths ending up at the same place as judges and passionate about what we do and the sport of purebred dogs.  Shawn James Nichols

Pure Dog Talk Saturday Symposium – Recording 2

Below is the video of the Generic Dogs panel discussion.  Thanks to BlueDog Northwest for the livestream!

Pure Dog Talk Symposium: Laura Reeves, David Frei, Patty Keenan and Shawn Nichols

pure dog talk


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  1. Leonore Abordo on 10/20/2017 at 7:57 AM

    Episode 95 needs to be episode number one. The discussion about all the different avenues people take to get into a dog sports, whether born into it for finding it as an empty Nester, is absolutely essential! People not currently involved need to understand if anyone can get as involved as they want at any point in their life – kids, college, adults, midlife crisis 🙂

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