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305 — Anne Katona on judging, retirement, owner handlers | Pure Dog Talk

Anne Katona on judging, retirement, owner handlers

Anne Katona in 2005 awarding a Kerry Blue Terrier in the group.

Long time judge Anne Katona shares her insights about judging, announces her planned retirement in January 2021 and offers encouragement for owner handlers.

Famous for her greetings in the ring, where she reminds every exhibitor that “wiggles are allowed,” the perennially cheerful Katona noted that she’s “never known a wiggle to hurt bone structure. Why do they have to be little robots?”

“I want everybody who walks out of my ring to say, I didn’t win, but it’s ok, I had a good time” Katona said.

Tips for Owner Handlers

Katona’s history as a breeder and owner-handler of Kerry Blue Terriers leaves her with an affinity for new folks and owner handlers. Her tips for them:

  • New people in the ring: Stand up straight, take a deep breath, and realize every person in this ring has been in your place.
  • In the group – take care of your dog, play with your dog, have fun, don’t just stand there with the dog on the end of the lead and hand on your hip
  • Take a couple seconds, go to corner of ring and then go around after the down and back. You’re cheating yourselves out of 30-50 feet of the dog being seen. And judges need to see how do the dogs take off and how they get their feet under them.
  • Owner handlers can be competitive if they take the time to train the dog.
  • Most important thing an owner handler can own, other than their dog, is a mirror… buy a full length mirror, put it on the wall horizontally at the level of your dog’s height, watch the dog in a free stack.
  • People with table breeds, work with them, let them walk forward, don’t just pick them up and plop them down. Not judging dogs on the table, just examining.
  • Don’t suffocate your dogs by stacking and leaning over them. Hand stack, stand back, don’t bend over the dog.
  • Do you want the truth? A lot of people don’t want to hear the truth because their ego is attached to that dog.

304 – Bulldogs, professionals and imprinting type with Jay Serion | Pure Dog Talk

Bulldogs, professionals and imprinting type with Jay Serion

Jay Serion and Brix… Photo by Ryan Estrada Photography

Specialist Jay Serion talks about bulldogs, having pride as a handler, starting in the trenches and establishing a vision of type from understanding the standard.

“At my first dog show, my dog was third out of three,” Serion said. “I came out of the ring thinking, ‘we need to remedy this.’ Cuz I was competitive. I learned a lot.”

Serion’s recipe for success:

  • Do the work outside the ring.
  • Fix it in the whelping box not the tack box
  • Start in the trenches. Success is not an overnight thing

“My mentors were honest,” Serion said. “They told me to read the standard. Learn the standard. Study pedigrees. Ask people. Ten people will give you 10 answers. There will be a common denominator, that’s your truth.”

Professional handlers all have a bar set of the quality they want to present, Serion noted.

“Especially if you are a specialist, it is part of your responsibility to campaign a good one,” he added. “I don’t want to waste money and time. And it takes a lot of both. I’d rather wait for a great one than push one that people that know *know* isn’t.”

A Bulldog Club of America approved mentor, Serion shares his knowledge about the breed’s outline and appearance.

“They’re supposed to be athletic. In my breed, the standard was written to save the breed from an influx of “Spanish dogs” that were huge,” Serion said. “The perfect bulldog must be of medium size. This was not arbitrary.”

Layback isn’t just for shoulders

The Bulldog standard is unique in that the term “layback” refers to the head structure.  Serion describes this very specific construction as being from the tip of the lower jaw, tip of the nose, through the forehead to the occiput, should be a 45 degree angle in a straight line.

Illustration of the Bulldog then and now courtesy of the Bulldog Club of America.

“The dogs were used in bull baiting. The jaw needed to be strong enough to grab on to a bull and hang on, while the nose was pushed back so they could hold on and still breathe,” Serion siad.


“Our dogs are just as healthy as other breeds,” Serion said. “We’ve created an Ambassador of Health program in the national club encouraging health clearances.”

The program was created to provide proof of healthy dogs, testing everything from tracheas, to cardio, patella, spine, hips, elbows and more, Serion noted.


Bulldogs originally were an aggressive animal to do the job, Serion observed. The original breeders wanted to keep the type features but eliminate aggression. “I’d never breed an aggressive animal no matter how pretty it is.”

For more on the genetics of temperament:

303 – Canine dentistry: What you need to know about oral health | Pure Dog Talk

Canine dentistry: What you need to know about oral health

By listener request, here’s everything you need to know about oral health with Veterinary Dental Specialist, Dr. Jeff Schreiber.

“Periodontal disease is very painful for the dog,” Schreiber said, but “Our pets are stoic. They don’t show pain very well.”

Schreiber emphasizes that the best cure is prevention. Daily tooth brushing, Chlorhexaderm oral rinse and appropriate chew toys are the secret to success.

“Plaque is the enemy,” Schreiber noted. Visit this site for a list of great products from chews to rinses to food choices:

Signs of a problem:

  • bad breath
  • not eating as well
  • blood on chew toys
  • dropping food out of mouth, prefer soft food

Schreiber strongly advocates regular dental cleanings while the pet is anesthetized. The veterinarian will pull blood work and should take xrays of the mouth. “60% of tooth structure is under the gum line,” Schreiber noted. “Good hygiene at home saves money on cleanings.”

“Dogs are supposed to have 42 teeth. Each tooth is a patient in and of itself,” Schreiber said.

Dental Emergency

Breaking a canine is an emergency.

“If we can catch it within the first day, you have a window where we can save the tooth and save the dog from a root canal. Breaking the tooth is an open wound. It needs to be dealt with, even if it is after the fact and needs a root canal. For folks who want the tooth to look good as new, the tooth can be crowned,” Schreiber said.

Dr. Schreiber is a graduate of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, class of 1981. In February 1991 he opened Miracle Hills Animal Hospital. In January 2018 Dr. Schreiber merged his practice into VCA 80 Dodge Animal Hospital. His primary practice interests include advanced dentistry, internal medicine and junior and senior wellness care. Dr. Schreiber is also a member of the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry. Outside of the practice he enjoys showing his dogs in AKC obedience trials, camping, golfing and spending time with his family. He and his wife have two grown children and three grandchildren. He can be contacted at


302 – Vet Voice: Pre-breeding Protocols, Folic Acid and More | Pure Dog Talk

Pre-breeding Protocols, Folic Acid, Cleft Palate and More

Photo of a puppy with a cleft palate

Dr. Marty Greer, DVM, JD, joins us for an important conversation about pre-breeding protocols. Greer provides insight on what to do (hint: folic acid!) and what not to do to help ensure a healthy litter.

Bitches who are to be bred should be started on a protocol 6-8 weeks ahead of estrus, Greer noted. Considerations include a proper diet, supplements and when to use flea, tick and heartworm treatments.

“We know from livestock and wildlife that when females are just slightly soft they produce more offspring,” Greer said. “They ovulate more if the caloric intake increases just before mating.”

Appropriate diets should include carbs, Greer said, and avoid phytoestrogens from peas/legumes. Owners should also supplement vitamin b9, folic acid, starting 2 months ahead of breeding to help prevent cleft palates. Greer recommends dosing 5mg/dog/day. For more information on some of the research on this topic, go to

Studies indicate that breeders can insure a 50-70 percent reduction of cleft palates by using folic acid properly.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Make sure your bitch is clean before visiting the vet or having her puppies. A bath and sanitary trim will keep the vet and the puppies happier!

What NOT to do

Vitamins A and D in excess during the first two trimesters can *cause* cleft palates, Greer said. She also noted that while most of us know not to give steroids orally during pregnancy, that even topical application in ears or eyes is contraindicated.

More myth busting and important advice

  • Can you or should you save cleft palate puppies — Greer shares some of the hard choices to be made
  • Goats milk and cataracts — use an appropriate formula for dogs
  • Colostrum/plasma — frozen plasma can make all the difference
  • Subcu fluids — how and why

301 — Ring Stewards: The Unsung Heroes of the Dog Show | Pure Dog Talk

Ring Stewards: The Unsung Heroes of the Dog Show

Kevin Ellingson, member of the Professional Stewards Association of Northern California, started ring stewarding in 2006 as a way to learn more about the sport while his wife was showing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels .

Ellingson said a couple of the most important things he learned when he started stewarding were to “respect the judge’s time and that judges are people too.”

“Ring stewards are ambassadors to the dog show world,” Ellingson said. “For new exhibitors, stewards may well be their first contact with the sport.”

From the PSANC website:

“A good dog show steward makes the work of judging a dog show easier by relieving the judge of unnecessary details. By assembling classes promptly, one will be able to keep the judging on schedule and eliminate, to a large extent, delays between classes.

Main Professional Steward duties:

  • Hand out armbands and mark absentees
  • Confirm with the judge the procedures that s/he wish to see carried out
  • Assemble classes promptly and check to see that those entering the ring are wearing the correct armband
  • Keep an eye on the clock to make sure the judge is on time
  • Keep an accurately marked catalog noting placements, absentees and disqualifications
  • Prepare ribbon and trophy awards for each class
  • Keep the ring neat and clean, watching to make sure everything is running smoothly
  • Assist exhibitors (new, experienced, or professional) to make them comfortable and at ease; treat all exhibitors professionally and with courtesy and respect (be cautious to not be too familiar with exhibitors to ensure professionalism)
  • Contact show photographer, superintendent, or AKC Representative as needed
  • In general, it is your duty to make the experience efficient and pleasurable for everyone.”

Learn more about this critical role at the dog shows. Ellingson provides a rundown of all the jobs the steward handles and why exhibitors should always be nice to the ring steward.

300 — Episode 300!! Favors, Table Training and Hot Dogs | Pure Dog Talk

Episode 300!! Favors, Table Training and Hot Dogs

Holy hot dogs batman… Episode 300?! How did THAT happen? Time flies when you’re having fun!

Honestly, a year ago, I wasn’t at all sure I’d make it this far. I’d just taken on sole ownership and management of PureDogTalk. I was running the show out of my own VERY shallow pocket and, frankly, scared to death… The fact that I decided to retire from a 25 year long professional handling career, start a year-long ENORMOUS home remodeling project AND take this on full time, pretty much all in the same month, speaks to either my courage or my sanity, depending on your perspective! Lol


Hindsight being what it is, I probably *could* have managed this all a bit more smoothly, but, the gods are kind to crazy people … today the Patrons Support is growing steadily – a HUGE shoutout to those of you who supported the show early and faithfully… YOU literally are the reason there is a podcast today… I’d love to have even more folks join our outstanding community of PureDogTalk Patrons. For as little as $5/month, you, too, can be counted as supporters of GREAT content and education for the entire purebred dog fancy. These funds are earmarked exclusively for operating expenses. Website upgrades and more are on the list when that pot of gold grows just a little bit more… Just Click the “Be my patron on Podbean” button on the homepage at

Audio Book

In the last year I’ve also released the Audio Book, “How to Stack Your Dog & Other important talks” as an additional fundraiser and educational resource to share with folks who aren’t as technically savvy as you my faithful listeners. You can just click the book’s cover art, also on the website side banner, and order online…. Tricky doodle!


But, most importantly, I’ve incorporated the support of two outstanding sponsors just in the last few months. Trupanion and PetMate deserve *tremendous* shoutouts …. Shouts out?? Anyway, these are companies devoted to providing outstanding products and services to purebred dog enthusiasts. They are proving that commitment by supporting this educational platform … I hope listeners will take a minute to thank them personally. It is with the help of companies like this that Pure Dog Talk will continue to grow and thrive. And if you know of any more organizations who’d like to get the word out about their products or services, while supporting GREAT content, send them my way! Let’s share the love…

Meanwhile, we have another VERY exciting and VERY cool partnership to announce in the VERY near future… Yep, this is a tease… Watch this space…

So, with all that business out of the way, here’s a thing…. I LOVE doing this job. It not only combines my passions – dogs, talking dogs and helping people – but *I* literally learn something every single day.


And, what’s our teaching moment for today? This podcast is a perfect metaphor for your life in dogs! How you say? Try this out.

  • Follow your passion.
  • Take chances, even when they are SUPER scary.
  • Seek and find the positive in every. Single. Day. Even when you have to dig for it. Maybe even especially when you have to dig for it.
  • Nothing worthwhile is handed to you.
  • Nothing is “deserved”… everything is “earned.”
  • Competition, even from the REALLY big guns, makes you better, sharper and tougher.
  • Doing well and doing good are NOT incompatible.
  • Helping others does as much or more for you as for them.
  • Kindness is free. Sprinkle that shit everywhere.
  • As soon as you say, I can’t do this stuff, stop and think about it. I did. And I had some pretty significant obstacles along the way. Literally, if I can do it, you can do it.

Back in the day, before I had a twice weekly podcast, I had a weekly magazine column called As the Wheels Turn… Here’s a little Throwback Thursday to celebrate moving forward.

Peace, Love and a Favor for a Friend

“When I first started, I was amazed by the ‘trading favors’ system,” said a young handler friend recently. Her comment sort of startled me, and got me thinking about this unique and worthy tradition in the sport. “I mean, wait, what? You show my dog and I get paid? What’s that about? What other job is that a thing? I mean I can’t just go sing somebody else’s concert.”

This is not a secret, by any means, in the tribe of professional handlers, but it is a quiet reality. We all help each other. It’s part of our unwritten code of ethics. Conflicts frequently require covering and an assistant is not always available or the right person for the job.

Enter the world of handlers and their network of friends and acquaintances trusted to help show the dogs on their string. The “hat in hand” look when somebody shows up at your setup at 7:15… “What do YOU have at 8 (or 9:15 or 10:30)?”  Or the frantic arm wave from a ring that’s running long as you stroll by, “Can you go take that dog in? I’ll try to make it.” And if you are able, you do it, gladly, so that when YOU have a giant cluster the next day, or the next week or the next month, you have favors “in the bank” so to speak.

Additional unwritten rules:

  • Don’t hand off a problem dog. I once, as a young handler, had somebody hand me a very spooky Dalmation and say, “Here, go show this.” I did, the dog freaked on the exam and was excused. This makes me look bad and is not the way to “win friends and influence people.”
  • Give fair value. If you need help, be sure to offer help to others. What goes around really does come back around — either good or bad!
  • Don’t hustle your friends’ clients! And, on the flip side, be aware that if you hand their dogs off too often, your clients may go looking for a new handler…
  • For the clients, try to be fair and reasonable with your handler. You have hired them to do the best for your dog. Trust their knowledge and experience and let them do their job. As much as most of us have longed to be cloned, it hasn’t happened yet and we can only be in one place at a time.

Handling Tips FAQ — Table Training

Summer Solstice has arrived. Long hours of daylight and bored kids. Dog shows around every corner in every state and nation. Time to tune up Fido, load the wagon and head for a fairgrounds near you.

One thing we haven’t gotten to is working with table dogs. This also applies to teaching puppies of larger breeds the fundamentals of stacking.

Funny story

Growing up, my family never invested in a grooming table. I groomed dogs on the ground. I taught puppies and dogs to stack — on the ground. I spent a LOT of time on my knees. I bought my very first grooming table when I started showing dogs for other people. I showed large and giant breeds. The first time I *ever* put a dog on a table to be examined was while helping Don Rodgers (may he Rest in Peace) and Pat with a gazillion Shih Tzu at one of the Idaho summer shows. It was nearly a quarter century ago this week and emblazoned in my psyche for life. I’d been assigned a black dog (already an uphill battle as I’ve come to learn) and we were showing to Joe Tacker. The wind was blowing (as it always does in idaho) and I thought I’d be SO smart and face the dog into the wind…. Which, PS, was backwards. Mr. Tacker approached the table. Looked at the dog. Looked at me. And said, “I bet you didn’t think I knew which end was which!” To which I responded in absolute mortification, “I knew they paid you the big bucks for a reason!” while rapidly spinning the dog around to face the proper direction. Oh. Dear. God. I’m pretty sure I still have the scars from the daggers Don was staring into my back. I did manage to get RWD, but my humiliation was complete. It took MANY years before I next attempted a table breed…

The last dozen years or so, I’ve had lots of opportunities to improve my skills. I have found two methods which both work well for me, depending on the personality and temperament of the dog I’m training.

Can’t Touch This

The first works really well for those independent, all-about-me, “I got this” little dogs who prefer the DIY method. Using the same technique described in the free stacking article below, put the dog at the back of the table and let them “walk up” into the stack.

This has the decided advantage of looking very impressive. It requires lots of confidence from both you and the dog. At best all you’ll have to do is fix a foot… The disadvantage is, without lots of practice, the dog may not be properly positioned in a timely manner and you’re left juggling with stacking while the judge watches.

If using this method, be sure to watch the judge’s preferred table procedure in advance. Everyone does it just a little different. *Generally* the dog is placed on the table as the dog before is moving in its individual pattern.

Scary Larry

This works well for the less confident dogs, the naughty rambunctious dogs and everything in between. Pick up the dog in a comfortable position, make sure the leash is properly out of the way around your neck (I STILL have an unfortunate habit of putting it the wrong way…), check that the table is steady, then quietly set the dog down. Lift gently under the chin and between the back legs to place squarely and towards the front of the table where the judge can easily reach him. Use the 1-2-3-4-5 method described in the basic stacking tips article to properly set the feet and present the dog.

Cookie Monster

I avoid feeding dogs bait on the table whenever possible. Just as feeding a dog on the ground before the exam, it sets a bad precedent for the dog to look for food from the hand coming toward him. For those dogs who are particularly food motivated, grab first and ask questions later can have unpleasant consequences when it’s the judge’s hand that’s “grabbed.”


Table presentation, just like its equal on the ground, varies greatly between handlers and their charges. From standing in front at the end of a long lead, to standing beside and showcasing the head. Practice, try new things and then practice some more before using your technique in the ring.

Hot Dogs, Hot Shows and Hot Travel

I am a fanatic about servicing my dog vehicles — regular oil changes and maintenance — the slightest weird clunk and I’m running for the mechanic. Vehicle trouble with dogs on board is a major liability that I avoid like the plague. Over the years I’ve dealt with the occasional blown tire, dead batteries and the usual wear and tear items. Nonetheless, due to a rigid service schedule and a platoon of guardian angels, it is normally a minor headache rather than a huge crisis. I suppose I was overdue for a major fail, just by the law of averages. And it finally happened — three hours from anyone I knew who could rescue the dogs and I on a day that saw temperatures soar over 100 degrees.

When your vehicle is dead beside the freeway, you have to draw on preparation, roadside assistance and, frankly, all the good juju you can muster. My sprinter van was equipped with heavy duty insulation, a roof mounted AC unit, a roof fan and vent. Even with very proactive and insistent advocacy on my part, the dogs and I still sat for two hours with all the doors and windows open staying as cool as possible while awaiting a tow truck.

A faulty wire on an alternator installed two years ago was the eventual diagnosis. Lesson learned? Even if you’re SURE there could not possibly be anything wrong with the vehicle that was just serviced at the dealership a couple months ago, err on the side of caution. Better safe than sorry is a truism because, actually, it’s *true*!

Our amazing tribe of dog people came through with a dozen offers of help, even for driving three hours each way if needed, and eventually a place to crash for the night and get the dogs out.

This all goes to remind us that NONE of us is immune to the inherent dangers and risks of long hours on the road. No matter how diligent, how young and virile, how shielded by angels, every single time we take our dogs to the next venue, we need to be aware and prepared.

As we all gear up for the hot summer months, long hauls from Point A to Point B, little sleep, exhausting days and unending nights on the road, here are some important reminders:

Water: Never leave home without it. A gallon per dog is what I try to plan on when driving.

Shade: Whatever your preferred shade cloth, make sure it’s easily accessible in an emergency.

Air Flow: We and our dogs can all survive high temperatures (perhaps not in perfect comfort, but without serious concerns about life and death) as long we have sufficient air flow. Crate fans, roof fans, vents, windows, whatever it takes to keep the air moving.

Crates: Are our friends!!! My mother was nearly killed in a horrific car accident 25 years ago. The four puppies with her were safe and unharmed, largely due to traveling in dog crates.

Calm: A quiet dog who isn’t stressed by the situation will handle the heat far better. And remember, our dogs take their lead from us. If we are hysterical, the dogs will feel the stress and suffer more.

NEVER: Trust a generator or even electrical outlets to run AC. If it is hot, I simply do not leave my dogs. Far, far too many horrible scenes of devastation over the years could have been prevented with this one simple precaution. The lesson was drilled in to me the hard way many years ago, when my RV generator quit during a high elevation show in Colorado while I was at the group ring. The dogs were ok, but it could just as easily have gone the other way if I had dawdled on the way back, stopped to chit chat or socialize. Today’s temperature monitoring devices which call your phone with alerts are invaluable for short trips away), but nothing beats the peace of mind of simply having the rig supervised at all times.

Let’s keep ourselves and our doggies cool, hydrated and safe. Plan a water fight on the grounds, dress sensibly, and always remember — no ribbon is ever more important than your dog’s safety.


299 – Final Thoughts from the Legends: Juniors, New Judges | Pure Dog Talk

Final Thoughts from the Legends: Juniors, New Judges

The final installation from the Pure Dog Talk Friday Night Forum at Del Monte Kennel Club in 2017 with Pat Trotter, Dorothy Macdonald and Kim Meredith.

Judge following and “fly-ins”

Dorothy – won’t put dog down if they followed. If I liked him best, will go up every time. Don’t put up just because he’s there. Don’t keep track of it. Dog didn’t write the ticket.

Kim – if an exhibitor brings consistently the best dog, will put up.

Pat — Judge on the day. Only thing you’re thinking about. Who remembers where you were last week.

Juniors judging

Kim – very favorite thing to judge. Look for juniors to be like what I see in the ring. Not a lot of grandstanding. Smooth, confident. Don’t like it when they fake smile at me. Hands of gold.

Dorothy – I’m here for dogs. Decided not to judge them. I want the dogs. It’s the only thing I’m there for.

Pat –  What I look for. Young person with a dance partner, in sync with each other. Right athletic ability for dog they’re showing. Judge on how they move a dog. If the breed calls for a loose lead, I want it to be shown appropriately for the breed. Want the child to be tuned in to dog. Move front from elbow, hind quarters from hock. Want in condition. No Dandruff, dirty teeth, ungroomed, fat. Show your dog, only look at judge enough to know what’s going on. Look at your dog. Dress appropriately. Age appropriate. Want to improve handling – go watch juniors.

Talking to dogs in the ring

Kim — Whatever it takes your dog to do its best

Dorothy – so long as it doesn’t disturb the other dog

Pat – like to see people talk to their dogs. Dogs hear well. Don’t have to talk loud. Believe in communicating with dogs. It’s a relationship.

Provisional judging & soliciting assignments

Kim – old school. Never solicit. For our cluster, I rarely get solicitation. Depends on how you approach. Face to face makes a difference. In this day and age, judges need permit assignments. If judges are willing to fly in and judge for 3-4 $/dog. What’s your reputation? Are you respected in your breed? Can you run on time?

Dorothy – in talking to other judges, never asked anyone myself, others asked for me. Help each other.

Pat – Bottom line, it’s not just what you do after you get the badge, what you did before that. There are people promoting themselves to do judging far beyond their experience. Entitled to use acquaintances and friends. Need to get past fear of rejection. People who aren’t prepared to judge breeds they’re judging are also allowed to solicit. Sad state for the sport.

Listen to parts 1 and 2 of this fabulous series here: 296 – Pat Trotter, Dorothy Macdonald and Kim Meredith Speak at Forum | Pure Dog Talk and here: 298 – Legends part 2: What NOT to do, Too Many Dog Shows  | Pure Dog Talk … Listen to Pat Trotter on Norwegian Elkhounds and Breeding here: 25 – Pat Trotter: Vin-Melca Norwegian Elkhounds and Master Breeder … Listen to Kim Meredith on the development of Woofstock here: 47 – Yellow Submarine, Rock and Roll, Peace Out and Woofstock: Kim Meredith

298 – Legends part 2: What NOT to do, Too Many Dog Shows  | Pure Dog Talk

Legends part 2: What NOT to do, Too Many Dog Shows and More

Today’s episode is a continuation of the conversation at the Pure Dog Talk Friday Night Forum at Del Monte Kennel Club in July 2017. Our panel includes Pat Trotter, Dorothy Macdonald and Kimberly Meredith. The conversation continues with questions from social media via live stream and the live audience.

Topics covered include:

  • Thoughts on realignment/expansion of groups – realignment to FCI

Kim – hope it never passes – 10 groups in a big cluster would be very difficult – time and costs would be prohibitive

Dorothy – no need to follow fci

  • Uncropped dogs in cropped breeds

Kim – doesn’t affect me – don’t pull ears up on uncropped Great Danes.

Dorothy – don’t mind which way they go, just judge them as they are, would prefer no cropping, but have never faulted in judging

Pat – defer to breeder judge – Vince Mulligan

  • Decline in entry numbers, too many shows in one weekend… ideas to rein in # of shows &/or bring in more participants

Kim – horse is out of the barn. 200 miles is nothing. AKC approved Too many shows, too close together. It’s a dilemma. Now what do you do? Damage has been done. Show in Chile… FCI subsidizes. AKC approved all the shows… should they supplement these clubs?

Dorothy – the barn door got left open, has evolved… akc will have to rescind licensing. Only solution. They made the mistake, they should bear the solution.

Pat – I think the most innovative person I’ve seen is Kim… what she’s done w/ Woofstock …. Requires more than 2 shows to get the entry up.

  • Is the dog that wins BIS the best dog in the show

Kim – whoever’s judging BIS thinks it is

Dorothy – put up the one they thought was best, others might not agree, there are as many opinions as people watching. There are no redos….

Pat – more than one bis when the dog I thought would beat me, didn’t get there.

  • Faux pas for exhibitors/what not to do

Kim – very little that irritates me. Except being late. Be there, be prepared, certain breeds are notorious… even if I don’t enjoy them, I enjoy their dogs

Dorothy – excessive roughness from the handler. Pay attention. Keep dog in the shade

Pat – abuse of bait vs use of bait … trying to look at dog’s mouth, shoving bait in its mouth…. Throwing bait… start handling dogs when it stops handling itself… grandstanding… I want to see the dog, not the handler… tendency for handlers to overstretch the dogs… let the judge & steward know if you have multiple dogs & have to change.

297 – Standards: Reading, Interpreting and Understanding the Blueprint | Pure Dog Talk

Standards: Reading, Interpreting and Understanding the Blueprint

Nannette Newbury, judges education coordinator for United States Australian Shepherd Association, breaks down breed standards.

Newbury’s presentation will help you understand: What are the parts of the standard, what’s a good and bad breed standard, what’s open to interpretation and what isn’t.

Breeders use the standard one way, judges have to use it another way, Newbury noted.

“That judge had to weigh a lot more than soundness,” Newbury said. “What good is it if a dog looks like a coyote and it’s sound. Judges can only go by what’s in the breed standard.”

How to apply the breed standard

Understanding the essence of the breed has to be a priority for judge or breeder, Newbury observed.

When dog shows began, folks had to come up with a way to compare and contrast dogs. The breed standard has to distinguish one breed from another.

“Our breeds came first and then we wrote standards,” Newbury said. “In order to read, interpret and apply a breed standard, you have to have a knowledge of canine anatomy, physiology, structure. It takes time to learn.”

Flaws, faults, implied faults

The breed standard is not a list of negative aspects, Newbury opined, rather it describes ideal.

Hallmarks of a breed are what make it distinct from all others and should be part of a good breed standard.

“If all dogs were perfect, judging would be easy. In the real world, deciding which quality or fault is more or less important and awarding accordingly is the quintessential job of the judge,” Newbury said. “As breeders, you pick your poison. Markings or fronts or whatever, you pick your poison. Judges do the same thing.”

Anything that deviates from the standard is a fault, Newbury noted, while the degree of deviation determines the severity of the fault.

“Go through (your breed) standard and list virtues and ideals.  If the virtue affects original function of the dog, consider those more important,” Newbury said.

“Anybody can find a fault. The hardest thing to do when evaluating a dog is to look at a dog, even one that is of poor quality, and find something good to say about it. It is a gift to be able to find the virtues in a dog.”

There’s always more to learn! Check out previous episodes…

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15  Jul  2019 305 — Anne Katona on judging, retirement, owner handlers | Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Jul  2019 304 – Bulldogs, professionals and imprinting type with Jay Serion | Pure Dog Talk Download
08  Jul  2019 303 – Canine dentistry: What you need to know about oral health | Pure Dog Talk Download
05  Jul  2019 302 – Vet Voice: Pre-breeding Protocols, Folic Acid and More | Pure Dog Talk Download
01  Jul  2019 301 — Ring Stewards: The Unsung Heroes of the Dog Show | Pure Dog Talk Download
27  Jun  2019 300 — Episode 300!! Favors, Table Training and Hot Dogs | Pure Dog Talk Download
24  Jun  2019 299 – Final Thoughts from the Legends: Juniors, New Judges | Pure Dog Talk Download
21  Jun  2019 298 – Legends part 2: What NOT to do, Too Many Dog Shows  | Pure Dog Talk Download
17  Jun  2019 297 – Standards: Reading, Interpreting and Understanding the Blueprint | Pure Dog Talk Download
13  Jun  2019 296 – Pat Trotter, Dorothy Macdonald and Kim Meredith Speak at Forum | Pure Dog Talk Download
10  Jun  2019 295 — Dogs Just Want to Have Fun: Increasing Focus in Performance | Pure Dog Talk Download
06  Jun  2019 294 – Veterinary Voice: Brachycephalic Breeds’ Health and Legislation | Pure Dog Talk Download
03  Jun  2019 293 – Coloring the Future: Artist Creates Purebred Dog Designs | Pure Dog Talk Download
30  May  2019 292 — Jeff Heim: “Dog Shows Are Not Dying” and Other Punditry | Pure Dog Talk Download
27  May  2019 291 – Shetland Sheepdog – Smart, Versatile, Adaptable | Pure Dog Talk Download
23  May  2019 290 — Commentary: Fun Matches and Rethinking Rankings | Pure Dog Talk Download
20  May  2019 289 — Insurance Plans Go to the Dogs | Pure Dog Talk Download
16  May  2019 288 — Hounds on the American Frontier with Custer | Pure Dog Talk Download
13  May  2019 287 — Tibetan Spaniels: From Monastery Walls to the Back of the Sofa | Pure Dog Talk Download
09  May  2019 286 – AKC Vet at the Junction of Tradition and the New Millennium | Pure Dog Talk Download
06  May  2019 285 – Type vs Style in the St. Bernard: Breeders’ Discussion Panel | Pure Dog Talk Download
02  May  2019 284 – Veterinary Ethics and Building a Relationship with Your Vet | Pure Dog Talk Download
29  Apr  2019 283 – Dachshund Field Trials and Earthdog Tests Preserve Instinct | Pure Dog Talk Download
25  Apr  2019 282 — John Reeve-Newson: Be Kind and Show Good Manners| Pure Dog Talk Download
22  Apr  2019 281 – Karelian Bear Dogs Saving Lives in Washington | Pure Dog Talk Download
18  Apr  2019 280 — Richard Lopaschuk on Form and Function, Education and Judging | Pure Dog Talk Download
15  Apr  2019 279 – Brian Cordova on Poodles, PCA and the Definition of “Poodly” | Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Apr  2019 278 — Pat Hastings Wants to Make YOU a Winner With New Book | Pure Dog Talk Download
08  Apr  2019 277 – Hunting Poodles at Poodle Club of America: No, Really! | Pure Dog Talk Download
04  Apr  2019 276 – Trafficking in Deadly Diseases from Foreign “Rescues” | Pure Dog Talk Download
01  Apr  2019 275 — PureDogTalk’s “News” Report for Monday, April 1 | Pure Dog Talk Download
28  Mar  2019 274 — Pam Bruce: Crime Scene Investigator and Dog Show Judge | Pure Dog Talk Download
25  Mar  2019 273 — Herding Dogs: “Eye,” Competition and Genetic Instinct | Pure Dog Talk Download
21  Mar  2019 272 – Pam Bruce: Memories and the Essence of Style in Purebred Dogs | Pure Dog Talk Download
18  Mar  2019 271 — Jeff Pepper on PBGV and the Importance of Performance | Pure Dog Talk Download
14  Mar  2019 270 – David Fitzpatrick on Pekingese, the Palace Dogs of Peking | Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Mar  2019 269 – Authors: Clean Paws Are Very Important For a Scottie, You Know | Pure Dog Talk Download
07  Mar  2019 268 – Veterinary Voice: Newborn Puppy Risk Factors | Pure Dog Talk Download
04  Mar  2019 267 – Dog Friendly Adventure Travel Takes Off | Pure Dog Talk Download
28  Feb  2019 266 – Westminster KC Treasure Trove: The VOICE of MSG and Yukon Vet | Pure Dog Talk Download
25  Feb  2019 265 – #takebackourstory: How YOU Can Help the Fight | Pure Dog Talk Download
21  Feb  2019 264 — Carlos Puig: All About Dachshunds and Getting in a Dog’s Head | Pure Dog Talk Download
18  Feb  2019 263 – Flying the Not so Friendly Skies with Dogs PLUS Woof by WoofWest | Pure Dog Talk Download
14  Feb  2019 262 — Will Alexander on Grooming, Handling and Heroes | Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Feb  2019 261 – AKC Doubles Your Cancer Research Dollars with a Matching Grant | Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Feb  2019 Allison & Laura Handicap the Line Up at Westminster Kennel Club | Pure Dog Talk Download
07  Feb  2019 260 – Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is More Than Old Age | Pure Dog Talk Download
04  Feb  2019 259 — LIVE from Canada: “Judges Were Not Hatched From an Egg” | Pure Dog Talk Download
31  Jan  2019 258 — Mari-Beth O’Neill: AKC’s Own Guardian of the Galaxy | Pure Dog Talk Download
28  Jan  2019 257 – The Ancient Breed Believed to Predate all European Hunting Dogs | Pure Dog Talk Download
24  Jan  2019 256 — Jason Hoke: Just Judge the Dogs & Be Nice to People | Pure Dog Talk Download
22  Jan  2019 255 — Lost Dog Found: Tips for Success in Emergency | Pure Dog Talk Download
17  Jan  2019 254 – Purebred Dogs Get Their Own Super Hero Movie | Pure Dog Talk Download
14  Jan  2019 253 — Winter Workouts with the Big Moose… Keep Your Dog Fit in January | Pure Dog Talk Download
10  Jan  2019 252 — Jackie and Terry Stacy on the Affenpinscher, Breeding & Mentoring | Pure Dog Talk Download
07  Jan  2019 251 – Trainer Suzanne Clothier on Relationship Building with Your Dog | Pure Dog Talk Download
03  Jan  2019 250 – Veterinary Voice: Prostate Problems, Prevention and Solutions | Pure Dog Talk Download
31  Dec  2018 249 — Elliott Weiss, AKCNC BIS judge, on “Pleasing his Eye” | Pure Dog Talk Download
27  Dec  2018 248 – LIVE: Laura on Breed Specific Presentation Featuring Sighthounds | Pure Dog Talk Download
24  Dec  2018 247 — Christmas Dinner with Dogs and Why it Matters | Pure Dog Talk Download
20  Dec  2018 246 – WSU Researcher Discovered the MDR1 Gene that Saves Lives | Pure Dog Talk Download
17  Dec  2018 245 – Saturday Symposium: Words of Wisdom from Judges Panel | Pure Dog Talk Download
13  Dec  2018 244 – CHF Hemangiosarcoma Initiative and Matching Funds | Pure Dog Talk Download
10  Dec  2018 243 – Jet Setting Dogs: Advice for International Import/Export | Pure Dog Talk Download
06  Dec  2018 242 – Veterinary Voice: K9 Flu and Puppy Vaccination Protocols | Pure Dog Talk Download
03  Dec  2018 241 – Southern Handlers Charity League Taking Care of Our Sport | Pure Dog Talk Download
29  Nov  2018 240 – Human-animal bond will *literally* save your life | Pure Dog Talk Download
26  Nov  2018 239 – New School Programs Provide Kids with Facts and Fun | Pure Dog Talk Download
22  Nov  2018 238 — The friendships and journeys of a successful owner-handler | Pure Dog Talk Download
19  Nov  2018 237 — DNA Genetic Testing Prevents Bottlenecks, Promotes Diversity | Pure Dog Talk Download
15  Nov  2018 236 – CHF Research Examines Neurological Diseases | Pure Dog Talk Download
12  Nov  2018 235 – Finding Common Ground to Grow the Purebred Dog Fancy | Pure Dog Talk Download
08  Nov  2018 234 – Raising Support for the K9 Reproductive Specialists of the Future | Pure Dog Talk Download
05  Nov  2018 233 – AKC’s Team Scores on Detection Dog Legislation | Pure Dog Talk Download
01  Nov  2018 232 – Veterinary Voice: Nutritionally Mediated Dilated Cardiomyopathy | Pure Dog Talk Download
29  Oct  2018 231 – Researching Connections Between Ticks and Cancer, Other Disease | Pure Dog Talk Download
25  Oct  2018 230 – Storm Kloud Alaskan Malamutes: Continuation of a Dream | Pure Dog Talk Download
22  Oct  2018 229 – Allison’s Insights from the World Dog Show | Pure Dog Talk Download
18  Oct  2018 228 – Alaskan Malamute Breeder Pursued a Dream to Run the Iditarod | Pure Dog Talk Download
15  Oct  2018 227 — German Pinscher: All-Purpose, Robust Dog for Active Owners | Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Oct  2018 226 – Jane Killion Shares the Evolution of Puppy Culture | Pure Dog Talk Download
08  Oct  2018 225 – Fighting to Preserve our Breeds and their Purposes | Pure Dog Talk Download
04  Oct  2018 224 — Veterinary Voice: Pyometra is an Emergency | Pure DogTalk Download
01  Oct  2018 223 — Rhodesian Ridgeback: Power and Elegance | Pure Dog Talk Download
27  Sep  2018 222 — Lydia Hutchinson on Cairn Terriers and 54 Years Judging | Pure Dog Talk Download
24  Sep  2018 221 – Testing the Genetics and Biological Markers of Fear in Dogs | Pure Dog Talk Download
20  Sep  2018 220 – Take the Lead Charity Supports Dog Fancier “Family” | Pure Dog Talk Download
17  Sep  2018 219 – Positive Solutions for Canine Aggression Issues | Pure Dog Talk Download
13  Sep  2018 218 – Legendary Dog Man Peter Green Brings History to Life | Pure Dog Talk Download
10  Sep  2018 217 – Crate Training, Jumping Up, Digging and Behavior Analysis | Pure Dog Talk Download
06  Sep  2018 216 — Vet Voice: Blastomycosis and Other Fungal Infections | Pure Dog Talk Download
03  Sep  2018 215 – Lowchen in Danger: Could be Extinct in our Lifetime | Pure Dog Talk Download
30  Aug  2018 214 – Dancing with Dogs: Jere Marder, Lambluv OES | Pure Dog Talk Download
27  Aug  2018 213 – Scottish Deerhounds in Obedience with Record-Making Trainer | Pure Dog Talk Download
23  Aug  2018 212 – Purebred Dogs Assist Wildlife Biologist’s Research | Pure Dog Talk Download
20  Aug  2018 211 – Dwarfism: When the Right Gene Goes Wrong…. | Pure Dog Talk Download
16  Aug  2018 210 – Bob & Polly Smith: Foxhounds and Dog Shows | Pure Dog Talk Download
13  Aug  2018 209 – Made in the USA: Breeding Our Own Bomb Dogs | Pure Dog Talk Download
09  Aug  2018 208 – Dr. Carmen Battaglia – Breeding SUPER Dogs | Pure Dog Talk Download
06  Aug  2018 207 — Short-Legged Dogs Bred for a Purpose | Pure Dog Talk Download
02  Aug  2018 206 — Love the Breeds: Shar Pei with Andrea Robbins | Pure Dog Talk Download
30  Jul  2018 205 – NAIA’s Sara Chisnell on Legislative Trends | Pure Dog Talk Download
26  Jul  2018 204 — Vet Voice: Identifying, Treating Orthopedic Disorders | Pure Dog Talk Download
23  Jul  2018 203 – Love the Breeds: Harriers – Rare, Smart, Vocal | Pure Dog Talk Download
19  Jul  2018 202 — Mentoring the Future LIVE at the Copper Classic | Pure Dog Talk Download
16  Jul  2018 201 – Exhibitor Education Courses Come Online | Pure Dog Talk Download
12  Jul  2018 200 – Celebrate 200th Episode with a Positive Outlook | Pure Dog Talk Download
09  Jul  2018 199 – New Resource Launched for Dog Community | Pure Dog Talk Download
05  Jul  2018 198 – Vet Voice: Dog Days of Summer Precautions | Pure Dog Talk Download
02  Jul  2018 197 – Local Legislative Liaison Defends Our Rights | Pure Dog Talk Download
28  Jun  2018 196 – “Bracing” Talk: Pedigrees, Critiques and Skill | Pure Dog Talk Download
26  Jun  2018 SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE ALERT: Speak Up in Dallas, TX | Pure Dog Talk Download
25  Jun  2018 195 – “Brace Yourself” for a Peek at the Masters | Pure Dog Talk Download
21  Jun  2018 194 — Andrew Brace “Totally Obsessed with Dogs” | Pure Dog Talk Download
18  Jun  2018 193 – Barnhunt Founder Nuttall Created Fast Growing Sport | Pure Dog Talk Download
14  Jun  2018 192 – AKC President Dennis Sprung on Public Outreach | Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Jun  2018 191 — Love the Breeds: German Shorthaired Pointer Roundtable | Pure Dog Talk Download
08  Jun  2018 190 – Leptospirosis symptoms, treatments and prevention | Pure Dog Talk Download
04  Jun  2018 189 – Ins and Outs of RV Parking at Dog Events | Pure Dog Talk Download
31  May  2018 188 – Bruce Schultz’s Secret – Be Happy for the Other Guy | Pure Dog Talk Download
29  May  2018 187 – Reznik Pt. 2: Ad Design Success, Reading & Dreaming | Pure Dog Talk Download
24  May  2018 186 — Canalizo: Ghosts of the Past and Breeding for the Future | Pure Dog Talk Download
21  May  2018 185 — Allan Reznik on Magazine and Advertising Tips | Pure Dog Talk Download
17  May  2018 184 – Merriam: Guts and Governance, the Bull Terrier, Breeders | Pure Dog Talk Download
14  May  2018 183 — Solving the Mysteries of AKC Points and Divisions | Pure Dog Talk Download
10  May  2018 182 – Love the Breeds: Clumber Spaniel Roundtable | Pure Dog Talk Download
07  May  2018 181 – Dog Show Judges, Family and Welcoming Exhibitors | Pure Dog Talk Download
03  May  2018 180 – Veterinary Voice: Dr. Marty Greer Talks “Frozen Assets” | Pure Dog Talk Download
30  Apr  2018 179 — Non Profit Foundations Benefit our Breeds | Pure Dog Talk Download
26  Apr  2018 178 — Bergit Coady Kabel: “Groomed to Perfection” | Pure Dog Talk Download
26  Apr  2018 178 — Bergit Coady Kabel: “Groomed to Perfection” | Pure Dog Talk Download
23  Apr  2018 177 — Developing An Eye For a Dog: Recorded LIVE | Pure Dog Talk Download
19  Apr  2018 176 — NAIA’s Patti Strand on Pet Expo for Public Outreach | Pure Dog Talk Download
16  Apr  2018 175 — Tibetan Mastiff History, Lore and Modern Living | Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Apr  2018 174 – 65-Year Love Affair Started with a Brittany | Pure Dog Talk Download
09  Apr  2018 173 – Dreamland Chow Chows “Show Ring is Mirror of the Whelping Box” |Pure Dog Talk Download
05  Apr  2018 172 – Veterinary Voice: Cruciate Ligaments| Pure Dog Talk Download
02  Apr  2018 171 – New AKC Department Supports Clubs | Pure Dog Talk Download
29  Mar  2018 170 – Ann Yuhasz, Four Generation Family of Dog Breeders | Pure Dog Talk Download
26  Mar  2018 169 – Jessica Ajoux Westminster KC Agility Champion Talks Form and Function | Pure Dog Talk Download
22  Mar  2018 168 – Breeder Education Advocate Claudia Orlandi Shares Knowledge | Pure Dog Talk Download
19  Mar  2018 167 – Komondor Breeder Anna Quigley on Cords and Clubs|Pure Dog Talk Download
15  Mar  2018 166 – Mark Dunn: AKC Registration Trend Reversal|Pure Dog Talk Download
12  Mar  2018 165 – Agility at 83 Years Young: Laurie Morrow|Pure Dog Talk Download
08  Mar  2018 164 – Busting the Genetic Testing Myths: Dr. Jerold Bell|Pure Dog Talk Download
05  Mar  2018 163 – Cannabis for Dogs?|Kari Taylor and Alternative Therapies|Pure Dog Talk Download
01  Mar  2018 162 – Veterinary Voice: Health Testing 101 with Dr. Marty Greer Download
26  Feb  2018 161 – Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine on Judging Dogs as Breeding Stock|Pure Dog Talk Download
22  Feb  2018 160 – Dr. Karen Overall: Temperament vs Genetics|Pure Dog Talk Download
19  Feb  2018 159 – Dana Cline: 2018 Judge of the Year|Pure Dog Talk Download
15  Feb  2018 158 – Sioux Forsyth on Judging Dogs and Anne Rogers Clark|Pure Dog Talk Download
15  Feb  2018 158 – Sioux Forsyth on Judging Dogs and Anne Rogers Clark|Pure Dog Talk Download
12  Feb  2018 157 – Sioux Forsyth: On Legends Robert and Jane Forsyth|Pure Dog Talk Download
12  Feb  2018 157 – Sioux Forsyth: On Legends Robert and Jane Forsyth|Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Feb  2018 SPECIAL: Who to Watch to Win Westminster|Laura Reeves|Allison Foley Download
08  Feb  2018 156 – David Helming – At The Helm of Westminster|Pure Dog Talk Download
05  Feb  2018 155 – Claire Ctibor – Junior Versatility Award|Road to Westminster|Pure Dog Talk Download
01  Feb  2018 154 – Veterinary Voice with Dr. Marty Greer|C-Section Decisions|Pure Dog Talk Download
29  Jan  2018 153 – Vicki Ronchette|Showdogs from Shy to Showy|Pure Dog Talk Download
25  Jan  2018 152 – Positive Training for Show Dogs|Vicki Ronchette|Pure Dog Talk Download
24  Jan  2018 151- Otterhound Semen Bank|Saving Endangered Breeds|Joellen Gregory Download
18  Jan  2018 150 – The Dog Healers – a Novel by Mark Winik|Pure Dog Talk Download
15  Jan  2018 149 – Pedigrees Produce Top Winners|Sue Huebner|Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Jan  2018 148 – Sue Huebner on Breeding Basics|Cordmaker Pulik|Pure Dog Talk Download
08  Jan  2018 147 – Lori Wells and Piglet – Catahoula Leopard Dog|Search and Rescue|Pure Dog Talk Download
04  Jan  2018 146 – Megan Leavey, K9 Rex and Bringing Home K9 Heroes|Pure Dog Talk Download
01  Jan  2018 145 – Pat Laurans: NOHS Best in Show|AKC National Championship|Pure Dog Talk Download
28  Dec  2017 144 – Stars in Orlando|Jason Taylor and Jerry O’Connell|Pure Dog Talk Download
25  Dec  2017 143 – Laura Reeves Sings 12 Puppies of Christmas|Pure Dog Talk Download
21  Dec  2017 142 – Lorrie Carlton|Bichon Frise Breeder of Flynn|Pure Dog Talk Breeder’s Voice Download
18  Dec  2017 141 – How to Rise to the Top|Katie Bernardin and Giant Schnauzer Ty|Pure Dog Talk Download
14  Dec  2017 140 – Show Dog of the Year Awards|Corey Benedict|Pure Dog Talk Download
11  Dec  2017 139 – Dog Show Mentor with Laura Reeves|Pure Dog Talk Download
07  Dec  2017 138 – Dawn of the Dog|Jan Koler-Matznick|Pure Dog Talk Download
04  Dec  2017 137|Scent Work for Sport and Service|Jon Sarabia|Pure Dog Talk Download
30  Nov  2017 136|Junior Showmanship Lessons Learned|Gillian McKim|Pure Dog Talk Download
27  Nov  2017 135|Flying Your Dog|Tips from Sandy McArthur|Pure Dog Talk Download
23  Nov  2017 134|David Frei|Power Behind Televised Dog Shows|Pure Dog Talk Download
20  Nov  2017 133|Story of How NBC Sports Got the National Dog Show|Jon Miller|Pure Dog Talk Download
13  Nov  2017 131|Dr. Cindy Buckmaster|Research Animal Truths|Pure Dog Talk Download
09  Nov  2017 130|Canine Care Certified|Candace Croney PhD on Pure Dog Talk Download
06  Nov  2017 129|Patriotic Puppies|AKC Mark Dunn|Bomb Detection Dog Breeders|Pure Dog Talk Download
02  Nov  2017 128|Doug Ljungren is Up to Tricks…Trick Dogs|AKC VP of Sports and Performance|Pure Dog Talk Download
30  Oct  2017 127|Canine Herpes and Puppy Fatalities|Dr. Jean Dodds|Pure Dog Talk Download
26  Oct  2017 126 – Where’s the Beef and Why It’s With Our Dogs|Patte Klecan and Caren Cowan Download
23  Oct  2017 125 – Marty Greer DVM JD|Cancer Links in Early Spay and Neuter|Pure Dog Talk Download
19  Oct  2017 124 – Jim Reynolds Speaks: Over 40,000 Dogs Judged – Pure Dog Talk Download
16  Oct  2017 123 – Hiring a Professional Dog Handler: Dinah Baggenstos – Professional Handlers Association Download
12  Oct  2017 122 – Eddie Dziuk: OFA, CHIC and Why Breeders Should Health Test Download
09  Oct  2017 121- Randy Roberts Dog Show Photography Expert Tips and the Wet Towel Trick from Allison Foley Download
05  Oct  2017 120 – Canine Vaccinations with Dr. Jean Dodds – Part 4 Download
02  Oct  2017 119 – Heroic Newfoundland Dogs: Water Rescue with Lou Ann Lenner and Sue Raney Download
28  Sep  2017 118 – Thyroid Epidemic in Dogs: Dr. Jean Dodds #3 Download
25  Sep  2017 117 – Desi Murphy: AKC Judge, Breeder Showcase and Grooming Tip of the Week with Allison Foley Download
21  Sep  2017 116 – Wholistic Medicine with Dr. Jean Dodds – Part 2 Download
18  Sep  2017 115 – Commercial Kennels and Show Dog Breeders: On the Same Side with Craig Curry Download
14  Sep  2017 114 – Saving Dog’s Lives: Canine Blood Bank with Dr. Jean Dodds – Part 1 Download
11  Sep  2017 113 – Laura Reeves: On the Road Less Traveled – Stories of Dog Show Journeys Download
07  Sep  2017 112 – A New Perspective on Westminster Kennel Club: Gail Miller Bisher – Director of Communications Download
04  Sep  2017 111- Gretchen Schultz: The “Queen of Slobber” – PHA Hall of Fame Inductee Download
31  Aug  2017 110 – Cherrie Spring: How To Talk To the Animals – English Springer Spaniels and Animal Communicator Download
28  Aug  2017 109 – Social Media Sportsmanship: Dog Show Forum and The Dog Judges Report Card with Jacqueline Zwirn Download
24  Aug  2017 108 – Bill Ellis and Junior Showmanship: How Junior Showmanship Prepares You For Life Outside the Ring Download
21  Aug  2017 107 – How To Properly Bathe and Dry Your Dog with Laura Reeves Download
17  Aug  2017 106 – Sheila Goffe – AKC Vice President Government Relations: How to Impact Download
14  Aug  2017 105 – Where have All The Kennel Clubs Gone… Download
10  Aug  2017 104 – NAIA: Patti Strand Asks “What is YOUR Elevator Speech” for Purebred Dogs Download
07  Aug  2017 103 – Ed Thomason Tips for the Owner Handler – From a Breeder Owner Handler Turned Professional Dog Handler Download
04  Aug  2017 102 – Dog Obedience with a What? Obedience and Agility with a Non-Traditional Dog: Gail Budde Download
02  Aug  2017 101- Saint Bernards of Stoan and Lasqueti Island with Joan Zielinski Download
31  Jul  2017 100 – Pure Dog Talk – Celebrate Our 100th Episode – Laura Reeves Download
28  Jul  2017 99 – Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and Mother Daughter Bonds: Cindy Vogels Part 2 Download
26  Jul  2017 98 – Cindy Vogels: Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Westminster BIS Judge, Take the Lead and AKC Canine Health Foundation Treasurer Download
24  Jul  2017 97 – First Aid for Dogs: Bloat, Shock, Heatstroke and Snakebite Download
21  Jul  2017 96 – Divorce, Disease, Disaster, Disability, Delay, Death and Your Dogs: Debra Hamilton Esq. – How to Make a MAAP Plan Download
19  Jul  2017 95 – Generic Dogs and Common Faults: Green Room Conversation with David Frei, Patty Keenan and Shawn Nichols Download
17  Jul  2017 94 – First Aid for Dogs – Are you Ready for Field and Show Emergencies: Dr. Cynthia Heiller, DVM – Part 1 Download
14  Jul  2017 93 – Versatile Companion Champion Dog – What It Took To Be The First with Andrea Ford Download
12  Jul  2017 92 – Tracking: Testing Your Dog’s Ability to Scent with AKC Judge Wally O’Brien Download
10  Jul  2017 91 – Dog Show Grooming, Poodle University, Online Handling and Allison Foley Download
07  Jul  2017 90 – AKC Government Relations is Fighting for You! – Phil Guidry, J.D. Download
05  Jul  2017 89 – Italian Greyhounds and Lilian Barber: From the Holocaust to La Scala Italian Greyhounds Download
03  Jul  2017 88 – Wire Coated Breeds and How to Work With Them Download
30  Jun  2017 87 – Dual Champions: Melissa Newman – Laverack vs Llewellin Download
28  Jun  2017 86 – Dual Champions: Preservation Breeders Proof of Form and Function – Frank Luksa Download
26  Jun  2017 85 – Wendy Paquette on Shih Tzu, Toys and Breeding Challenges Download
23  Jun  2017 84 – Obedience at the Garden: David Haddock, AKC Judge Download
21  Jun  2017 83 – Mike and Karen Kurtzner: Mentors, Field Judge and Beagle Buddies Download
19  Jun  2017 82 – New to Group Ring? 10 Tips to Survive and Succeed Download
16  Jun  2017 81 – Social Media Challenge from Randy Benns and Luke Baggenstos Download
14  Jun  2017 80 – Steve Gladstone: In His Words Download
12  Jun  2017 79 – Valerie Nunes-Atkinson Handling Seminars: Ready to Handle Like a Pro? Download
09  Jun  2017 78 – Litter Evaluation Workshop: Recorded LIVE with Laura Reeves Download
07  Jun  2017 77 – One Breed, One World: Think and Breed Global with Doug Johnson Download
05  Jun  2017 76 – Bo Bengtson and Paul Lepiane: History and Future of Dog Show Competition Download
02  Jun  2017 75 – Edd Bivin: Take the Lead and AKC Judge Download
31  May  2017 74 – Eugene Blake: International Judge and Best Dressed Gentleman Download
29  May  2017 73 – Dog Grooming: Back to Basics for Better Coats Download
26  May  2017 72 – Steve Gladstone: AKC Board of Directors and Cardigan Welsh Corgis Download
24  May  2017 71 – Top Dog Dreaming: Professional Handler Laura King on the Road to #1 All-Breed Download
22  May  2017 70 – Movement Improvement: Expanding Dog Show Basics with Laura Reeves Download
19  May  2017 69 – Dog Savvy Lawyer: Jen Amundsen – Puppy Contracts, Estate Planning and Pet Trusts Download
17  May  2017 67 – African Basenji Project with Damara Bolte: Legendary Basenji Mentor Download
15  May  2017 66 – Free Stack Perfection: Dog Show Basics Expanded with Laura Reeves Download
12  May  2017 65 – Purina Farms Event Center: Canine Competition Destination with Kaite Flamm Download
10  May  2017 64 – Bloodhound Mantrailing and Canine Health Foundation Tick Program with Susan Hamil Download
08  May  2017 63 – Conformation Basics Expanded #1 by Laura Reeves Download
05  May  2017 62 – Lure Coursing with Cindi Gredys: Ready to Have Fun? Download
03  May  2017 61 – How to Disappear as a Dog Show Handler: Janice Hayes Download
01  May  2017 60 – National Purebred Dog Day: Susi Szeremy Download
28  Apr  2017 59 – Stud Dog Management #4: Foreign Affairs – Critical Tips Before You Import or Export Semen Download
26  Apr  2017 58 -Be the Expert That John Q. Public Needs: Michelle Santana and Foxfire Dobermans Download
24  Apr  2017 57 – Best in Show: How an Owner-Handler Competes with the Pros – Tricia Stanczyk Download
21  Apr  2017 56 – Stud Dog Series: Fresh, Fresh Chilled and Frozen – Do’s Don’t and Why-Nots Download
19  Apr  2017 55 – Seizures and Epilepsy: Genetic Testing for the Cause – Liz Hansen Download
17  Apr  2017 54 – Why National Specialties are Mentor Magic – Eileen Hackett Download
14  Apr  2017 53 – Stud Dog Series #2: Management for Better Semen Production Download
12  Apr  2017 52 – Simple Tips on Whelping Puppies: Myra Savant Harris Download
10  Apr  2017 51 – Finding the Genetic Test: Pat Fendley’s Fight Against Cerebellar Ataxia in Spinone Italiano Download
07  Apr  2017 50 – Stud Dog: Progesterone – 4 Part Series with Sirius Canine Fertility Download
05  Apr  2017 49 – What Was the Dog Show Judge Thinking? AKC Judge and Dog Show Mentor Lee Whittier Download
03  Apr  2017 48 – Mike Pitts: Teaching the Next Generation Download
31  Mar  2017 47 – Yellow Submarine, Rock and Roll, Peace Out and Woofstock: Kim Meredith Download
29  Mar  2017 46 – Two Time Crufts Winner – Breeder Owner Jason Lynn Download
27  Mar  2017 45 – Canine Conditioning: 8 Simple Exercises from Dixie Rae Sick Download
24  Mar  2017 44 – Call the Coonhounds: Night Hunts, Water Races and more Download
22  Mar  2017 43 – Fight for your Breeding Rights: Patti Strand and NAIA Download
20  Mar  2017 42 – Juniors Speak Out: Listen to the Wisdom – Jr. Showmanship Judges Download
17  Mar  2017 41 – Girl Scouts Have Gone to the Dogs… and Get an AKC Dog Show Patch Merit Badge Download
15  Mar  2017 40 – Breed the Best, Love the Rest: Doug and Michaelanne Johnson on Old English Sheepdogs and Bouviers Download
13  Mar  2017 39 – Jody’s Juniors: Teaching our next generation of Dog Show Handlers Download
10  Mar  2017 38 – Throw a Party with a Premium List: Betty-Anne Stenmark’s Guide for Dog Show Chairs and Clubs Download
08  Mar  2017 37 – Foundation Stock Service: The Pumi and Rare Breeds Journey to AKC Recognition Download
06  Mar  2017 36 – Bird Crazy Dogs? Learn from a Master of Bird Dogs: Ray Calkins, DVM Download
03  Mar  2017 35 – Dogs to the Rescue: Firefighters, First Responders and Pluis Davern Download
01  Mar  2017 34 – Sussex Spaniels, Hunt Tests, Search and Rescue: Pluis Davern Tells All Download
27  Feb  2017 33 – The Voice of Westminster Goes Hollywood: David Frei and Kennel Club of Beverly Hills Download
24  Feb  2017 32 – Katie Campbell: Why the Public Shows Up at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show Download
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296 – Pat Trotter, Dorothy Macdonald and Kim Meredith Speak at Forum | Pure Dog Talk

Pat Trotter, Dorothy Macdonald and Kim Meredith Speak at Forum

Today’s episode is part one of a Pure Dog Talk Friday Night Forum at Del Monte Kennel Club in 2017. The panel features Pat Trotter, Dorothy Macdonald and Kim Meredith addressing the topic of the “Judge-Exhibitor Relationship.” Learn about the background and priorities of these legends in the sport.

This Forum was originally available as a livestream video. We’re now bringing everyone all of the information in a three-part series on the podcast.

Topics in this section of the forum include background of the judges, what the judges want to see in the ring, how to ask judges about a dog, the judges’ opinions of the National Owner Handled Series and withholding ribbons.

Learn From the Source

In a current moment that features social media commentary pages on which exhibitors “report” on the judges, often with great vitriol, the value of hearing directly from the judges and what matters to them cannot be overstated.

A highlight of the conversation is Dorothy Macdonald’s description of coming to the US with her family in 1941 and bringing the dogs they could with them, including a Kerry Blue Terrier rescued from Dunkirk.

Macdonald is noted as one of a handful of judges who judge both conformation and field trials.

“I judged field trials as many years as dog shows,” Macdonald said. “I put up the first English setter running in the field that was a show champion.”

“As long as you’re more interested in the dogs than the people, there will never be a split (between exhibitors and judges),” Macdonald said. “I want an exhibitor to be happy in the ring. I’m interested in the dog, not the exhibitor’s ability. Just need them to control the dog. It’s the dog I want to see.”

Pat Trotter by Congleton Photography

“We all had a first time in the ring,” Trotter said. “I do want them to have a dog that’s somewhat prepared for the event. I want to have a dog we can go through the process … see the bite, see the dog move.”

Kimberly Meredith

“I’m always happy to talk about the dogs I’ve judged,” Meredith said. “Attitude and how the question is approached are everything.”

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