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Posts by Laura Reeves

Pure Dog Talk: Listen Now on Monday and Thursday

pure dog talk

Thanks for Listening to Pure Dog Talk: Now on Monday and Thursday Why have we moved to Monday and Thursday?  You have asked for more in-depth topics and we are listening! Our 20 minute format is just not long enough to accomplish your requests… so we are now a bit longer, and on Monday and…

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Dual Champion Tessa – Frank Luksa

Dual Champion

The Making of a Dual Champion by Frank Luksa The AKC regiments for a dog to be recorded as a dual champion are as follows…the said dog must have earned a show championship as well as a field championship. The two can be done in either order . Beginning of a Dream It has always…

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Dog Jewelry by Cindi Gredys: Passion Captured in Art

dog jewelry cindi gredys

Jewelry by Cindi Gredys Passion Captured in Art Cindi Gredys entertained us in PureDogTalk #62 with the fun of lure coursing.  Her other talent is the creation of custom dog jewelry. Please enjoy the gallery of her work! JUBILEE HOUNDS LISTEN TO LURE COURSING WITH CINDI GREDYS

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53 – Keeping Your Stud Dog in Top Condition

Sirius Canine Fertility Booth

Stud Dog Mishaps Stud Dog in prime condition but collection shows low sperm count or morphological defects?  What happened? Did You Know ? Causes of low sperm count or morphological defects could be the result of: Sunbathing Swims in cold water Stress Top Physical/Athletic Condition Psychological Wrong Teaser Bitch Drinking Swimming Pool Water “Grass Saver”…

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