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Posts by Laura Reeves

50 – Get Serious with Sirius Stud Dog Management: Part 1-Progesterone

stud dog management

Seriously…Let’s Get Sirius about Stud Dog Management Part 1: Progesterone Progesterone timing is the basis of successful reproduction. Bridgett Higginbotham, RVT and Shannon Stone talk with Laura Reeves in Part 1 0f 4 episodes on understanding progesterone timing, stud dog management, international shipping, stabilizers and extenders, and choices by the vet and breeder for healthy…

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48 – Mike Pitts: Mentor to the Next Generation

From Apprentice to Master Handler to Mentoring the Next Generation   Mike Pitts, along with his wife Linda, are among the top tier handlers in the country, having run multiple top dogs over the years. Most recently, Linda piloted the Puli, Preston, to number one all breeds all systems in 2016.   Back in the…

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45 – Fit and Fun for Your Dog: 8 Exercises to Top Canine Conditioning

8 Simple Exercises for Canine Conditioning From Dixie Rae Sick These simple exercises will help to balance and condition your canine for any sport.  Slow Incline Walk  Slow Downhill Walk  Reach and Drive Cavaletti Stand to Down, Down to Stand Static Stand for Topline Static Stand with Head Movement  Sidestepping Front Play Bow for Shoulders…

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44 – Jason Duby Calls the Coonhounds

Jason Duby on Blue Tick Coonhounds  Night Hunts If terms like Strike & Stay, or the definition of “Treed” are foreign to you, listen to Episode #44 on Pure Dog Talk for a fun and fascinating look into the “hound dawgs”. Jason reveals how night hunts are run, how the points are scored, and championships…

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42 – Junior Handler’s: Wise Beyond Their Years

We Asked Junior Handlers: When showing in both Juniors and in regular conformation… Do you show your dog(s) differently? If so, what’s different and what’s the same? Current Juniors, Aged-Out Juniors, and former Junior Handlers that are now Junior Showmanship Judges overwhelmed us with thought provoking responses. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! READ ALL THE ANSWERS…

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