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Sports & Training

21 – Norma Smith: Footsteps of George Alston

Protege of the renowned George Alston, Norma Smith helps owner handlers to achieve competitive skills through her seminars and ringside mentoring.


18 – Jr Handler to Pro: 10 Tips to Beat the Odds

Junior Showmanship is the training grounds for future professional handlers and judges. Laura Reeves, PHA, and second generation handler, reveals 10 tips to consider when making the jump from junior to pro.


15 – Become a Master Handler – the 4 Levels of Handling

The Four Levels to Become a Master Handler – Each level is a unique step to success, each with unique problems, goals, focus, and achievements. Listen as Laura coaches four handlers – beginner, experienced,...


12 – Test Your Dog’s Instincts – Wonderful World of Dog

Dogs are amazing and working with our dogs natural instincts is not only amazing, but fun too! Field, herding, instinct, agility, nose work, barn hunt, CAT, lure coursing and more…


7 – How to Count Dog Show Championship Points

How to Count Championship Points Understanding the Classes All classes are divided by sex and championship status. The non-champion male dogs compete for Winners Dog. The non-champion female dogs compete for Winners Bitch. Only...


6 – Growing Up Your Show Dog

Growing Up Your Show Dog: In this Episode Shaping a Show Dog What are Why are boundaries important? Crate Training and Safety Exposure and Early Socialization: Matter of fact introductions. Your role and attitude...


5 – Problem Solving 101 in the Show Ring

Problem Solving 101: In Episode #5, we tackle three of the most consistent ring issues. Showing the Bite Showing the dog’s bite can be nerve racking for the beginner handler.  Since training the bite...


4 – How to Master the Dog Show Ring

Steps to Mastering the Dog Show Ring: In this episode Laura Reeves takes you on a Virtual Tour – How to move from beginner to master level. Mastery is a mental game that Master...


3 – Dog Show Basics – Moving Your Dog

Dog Show Basics – Moving Your Dog Moving your dog. How to move gracefully with your dog. Why moving your dog smoothly is important and how to it helps you succeed. Getting Rid of...


2 – How To Stack Your Dog

Stacking your dog. What is stacking and how to do it. We cover the hand stack and the free stack of your show dog.

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