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Ed Thomason

103 – Ed Thomason Tips for the Owner Handler – From a Breeder Owner Handler Turned Professional Dog Handler

Ed Thomason was a Breeder and Owner Handler before he became a Professional Dog Handler. A passionate advocate for the “bully breeds”, Ed and his wife, Karen, breed American Staffordshire Terriers under the Alpine Falls kennel name.

dog obedience

102 – Dog Obedience with a What? Obedience and Agility with a Non-Traditional Dog: Gail Budde

Dog Obedience and Agility rings are filled with Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Corgis, Parson Russell Terriers, Labs and Golden Retrievers. But what about Clumber Spaniels, Pugs, Bulldogs, Norwegian Elkhounds and Great Danes?

Versatile Companion Champion Dog

93 – Versatile Companion Champion Dog – What It Took To Be The First with Andrea Ford

Andrea (Kyllarova) Ford, newly immigrated from the Czech Republic, acquired a backyard bred Golden Retriever in 2000 as a companion. From those humble beginnings grew the very first AKC Versatile Companion Champion Dog team.

Tracking with Wally O'Brien

92 – Tracking: Testing Your Dog’s Ability to Scent with AKC Judge Wally O’Brien

Tracking: Testing Your dogs ability to scent is for just about any breed – even an Italian Greyhound and Yorkshire Terrier.


91 – Dog Show Grooming, Poodle University, Online Handling and Allison Foley

Allison Foley has started Leading Edge Dog Show Academy to mentor exhibitors online for dog show grooming, junior handling, and handling for adults.

Dual Champions Melissa Newman

87 – Dual Champions: Melissa Newman – Laverack vs Llewellin

Continuing our conversation on the challenges of creating dual champions, Melissa Newman talks with us about her journey to build a family of dogs that meet this exacting goal. From a childhood spent hunting with her family through the trial and error of acquiring a good foundation for her breeding program, her story is inspiring as to what can be accomplished with single minded dedication and focus. The Set’r Ridge dogs are iconic and can be found in many pedigrees of the top dogs in the breed.


86 – Dual Champions: Preservation Breeders Proof of Form and Function – Frank Luksa

One key element of preservation breeding, for many fanciers, is working to maintain the “function” for which the “form” of the breed was originally developed. The English Setter standard, for example, describes a dog “conformed” a certain way because those details enabled the dog to best do the job for which foundation breeders developed it.

Obedience David Haddock

84 – Obedience at the Garden: David Haddock, AKC Judge

Obedience at the Garden: Obedience was not always offered at the Garden during Westminster Kennel Club dog show. David Haddock, Westminster member and AKC judge helped to include obedience competition.

New Group Ring

82 – New to Group Ring? 10 Tips to Survive and Succeed

New to the Group Ring? 10 Tips to Survive and Succeed and celebrate your best of breed win.

valerie nunes-atkinson handling seminars

79 – Valerie Nunes-Atkinson Handling Seminars: Ready to Handle Like a Pro?

Valerie Nunes-Atkinson Best known for CJ and his Westminster win, Valerie is a 2nd generation breeder with the passion for handling, training, breeding, and conditioning show dogs. Pay It Forward – Handling Seminars for Owner Handlers and Juniors Valerie has a deep love for her dogs, and a deep love for her sport.  She is…