70 – Movement Improvement: Expanding Dog Show Basics with Laura Reeves

Movement improvement

Movement Improvement with Laura Reeves

Most important is to move properly for your breed.  Don’t follow the crowd.

Basic Movement of the Dog – Episode 3

To refresh on the basics of moving your dog in the ring, listen to Episode 3 on PureDogTalk.

Movement Improvement – Down and Back

In episode 3, we covered 1, 2, 3, go….. and how to line up your dog with the judge.  The judge wants to see your dog’s rear, not yours.

To improve movement, you need to see what you can’t from the end of your leash.

  1. Have someone else move your dog so you can watch.
  2. Have someone videotape you moving your dog to evaluate how you are both together.

How your dog is moving is one factor.  How the two of you move together, is another story.

If your dog is crabbing or sidewinding, try slowing down or re-positioning the collar higher on the neck.

If the front is flailing and flopping, you may have too tight of a leash or holding the dog’s head to high – lower your hand and let the dogs head down.

Movement Improvement – Going Around

Reach and Drive is not correct in every breed standard.  While an Afghan floating around the ring is gorgeous to watch, it’s difficult to achieve with a Bulldog.

Again, video tape is your friend.

Movement Improvement – Equipment

Laura covers different collars and leashes in this episode.  Sometimes a metal chain bothers a dog with sensitive hearing, and a simple switch to a soft choke solves the problem.

Experiment with options to see how your dog performs.


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  1. Cynthia on 05/31/2017 at 8:11 AM

    Way cool podcast!!! Good and well presented information to the show going public!!

    ? Why does a metal slip collar derive more control (or power steering) than a nylon or cotton slip collar that is fitted correctly?

    ! Possible subject – why different collars work in different ways for control in the conformation presentation.

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