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Pure Dog Talk 411

Pure Dog Talk 411

Your host, Laura Reeves, is an AKC Breeder of Merit and a member of the Professional Handlers Association. A professional journalist, Laura’s weekly column “As The Wheels Turn” is featured on Best In Show Daily.

Breeder of German Wirehaired Pointers, Laura handled the first GWP to win a Best in Show that also earned a dual championship in field. As a professional handler, she has finished and won with hundreds of dogs in dozens of breeds and every variety group. Laura grew up in the dog sport, from 4-H to Junior Showmanship, with an amazing network of support and mentorship of breeders, handlers, and club members.

From Laura:

Mary Albee and I started Pure Dog Talk as a way to reach out to members of the purebred dog fancy with education and resources to help them succeed and move forward in their goals and ambitions. This podcast if for you! If I don’t know the answer, I guarantee I know someone who does… and we’ll be hooking you up with those people.

We’ll be coming at you from around the country three days a week with Mentor Mondays, Wednesday Wisdom, and Free For All Friday.


Our Journey and Purpose:

  • Archive the Mentoring and knowledge of our Master Breeders, handlers and judges.
  • Support young people in the sport and have them bring a friend!
  • Turn emphasis from winning, ranking, and ribbons, to a greater understanding of our breeds and their future.

Purebred dogs are history and art. They are beauty and brains. They are living, breathing conduits to our past, and to our future. They are our heart and our soul…and they are so much more.

All of us who are breeders, exhibitors, handlers and judges are the curators of the purebred dog. We want to support preservation breeders and the rights of everyone to own the dog of their choice, and responsibly ensure the future of their breed.

I’m really looking forward to this journey and excited about the opportunity we have to enhance every facet of the wonderful world of purebred dogs.



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  1. Bill McFadden on 11/22/2016 at 8:53 PM

    Exciting concept! Good luck as we all participate in celebrating our history and creating our future?

  2. Sheila Weisman Walker on 11/24/2016 at 1:11 AM

    An ambitious and extremely worthwhile endeavor!! Kudos to you and best wishes for much success.

  3. Nancy Ingalls on 11/24/2016 at 3:23 AM

    Well done!

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