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255 — Lost Dog Found: Tips for Success in Emergency | Pure Dog Talk

Lost dog found… Today host Laura Reeves visits with Allison Foley of Leading Edge Dog Show Academy about some of the important steps to quickly and successfully find a lost dog. The following is...


249 — Elliott Weiss, AKCNC BIS judge, on “Pleasing his Eye” | Pure Dog Talk

Elliott Weiss is Looking for the Dog that Makes the Picture Elliott Weiss, BIS judge for the 2018 AKCNC. In 1956, Elliott Weiss attended his very first dog show, Westminster Kennel Club, as part...


247 — Christmas Dinner with Dogs and Why it Matters | Pure Dog Talk

Christmas Dinner and How that Applies to Dog Shows Now that most of us are home for a couple blessed weekends, we can all, even the most diehard of competitors, relax, restore, rest and...


245 – Saturday Symposium: Words of Wisdom from Judges Panel | Pure Dog Talk

Saturday Symposium: Words of Wisdom from Judges Panel Judges Stacey Davis, Fred Bassett, Darryl Vice and Doug McFarlane joined our panel at the Southern Oregon Kennel Club shows for a PureDogTalk Saturday Symposium discussion...


243 – Jet Setting Dogs: Advice for International Import/Export | Pure Dog Talk

Import/export tips and tools for success Marlene Weiss is a “pet escort” who flies with dogs internationally, for a fee, to ensure the dogs’ safe transport. This is a listener requested topic on the...


241 – Southern Handlers Charity League Taking Care of Our Sport | Pure Dog Talk

Southern Handlers Charity League: It’s All in the Family Jill Bell, right, and AKC rep Sue Vroom during the “Butcher the Beard” campaign for SHCL. Jill Bell, former professional handler, now working as a...


240 – Human-animal bond will *literally* save your life | Pure Dog Talk

Human-animal bond will save your life Steve Feldman, Executive Director of HABRI, with his dog. The human-animal bond developed over the course of 30,000 years in which people and dogs co-evolved, according to Steve...


239 – New School Programs Provide Kids with Facts and Fun | Pure Dog Talk

Public Education school programs reach out to the future Ashley Jacot, recently promoted to Director of Education at the American Kennel Club, joins me to talk about the exciting school programs that AKC has...


220 – Take the Lead Charity Supports Dog Fancier “Family” | Pure Dog Talk

Take the Lead founder Tom Bradley on supporting our “family” of dog fanciers   Take the Lead started with a phone call. Tom Bradley shared his memory of receiving a call for help from...


218 – Legendary Dog Man Peter Green Brings History to Life | Pure Dog Talk

Peter Green riffs on great dogs, great rivalries and great memories Join a wonderful conversation between legendary dog man Peter Green and his former apprentice Robert Paust, now an AKC judge in his own...

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