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212 – Purebred Dogs Assist Wildlife Biologist’s Research | Pure Dog Talk

Bird Biologist’s Wildlife Research is Aided by Purebred Dogs Bachman’s GWP CC points a Sandhill Crane colt in order to identify fledgling habitat. Dominic Bachman, wildlife biologist, uses his German Wirehaired Pointers to help...


210 – Bob & Polly Smith: Foxhounds and Dog Shows | Pure Dog Talk

Foxhounds, Fox Hunting and Dog Shows Dr. Robert Smith judging at Westminster Kennel Club. Two of the most revered and well-known all-breed judges in the American Kennel Club system, Dr. Bob and Polly Smith...


202 — Mentoring the Future LIVE at the Copper Classic | Pure Dog Talk

Mentoring people in the sport will keep it alive PureDogTalk host Laura Reeves moderated a LIVE Saturday Symposium sponsored by the Copper Classic in Prescott, Ariz. on the topic of Mentoring the Future. Judges...


201 – Exhibitor Education Courses Come Online | Pure Dog Talk

“Crowdsourcing” Knowledge for Exhibitor Education Vicki Ronchette, author of “From Shy to Showy,” has created a new exhibitor education resource with online college-type classes available on a wide variety of topics. New owners, exhibitors...


199 – New Resource Launched for Dog Community | Pure Dog Talk

New Resource Launched for Worldwide Dog Community Cheryl Krajcar with one of her handling clients. Third generation dog breeder Cheryl Krajcar has created a fascinating new community on the information super highway, just for...


196 – “Bracing” Talk: Pedigrees, Critiques and Skill | Pure Dog Talk

Andrew Brace on Pedigrees, Critiques and Skillful Handlers In the third and final installment of my interview with international dogman Andrew Brace, he shared his knowledge on reading pedigrees, writing judge’s critiques and the...


195 – “Brace Yourself” for a Peek at the Masters | Pure Dog Talk

Behind the Scenes Peek at the Masters Brace (center) moderating a panel with Michael Canalizo, Mary Dukes, Peter Green and a young handler from Europe. In the second installment of my interview with international...


194 — Andrew Brace “Totally Obsessed with Dogs” | Pure Dog Talk

“Totally Obsessed with Dogs” and Finding Quality Born to a long tradition of dogmen from Wales, Andrew Brace acquired his first Boxer in 1963 and began judging in the UK while still a young...


192 – AKC President Dennis Sprung on Public Outreach | Pure Dog Talk

AKC President Dennis Sprung on Public Outreach AKC President & CEO Dennis Sprung joins the presentation of BIS at the 2017 AKCNC in Orland, Fla. President and Chief Operating Officer of the American Kennel...


189 – Ins and Outs of RV Parking at Dog Events | Pure Dog Talk

RV Parking Crews Not “Parking Nazis” Retticks get in the spirit of the Woofstock dog show in Vallejo, CA Bert and Bruce Rettick, dog show RV parking mavens in Northern California, share their knowledge...

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