263 – Flying the Not so Friendly Skies with Dogs PLUS Woof by WoofWest

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Flying the Not so Friendly Skies with Dogs PLUS Woof by WoofWest

Sheila Goffe, AKC Vice President of Government Relations, shares what she’s learned from the airlines about flying with dogs, what her team is doing to help the purebred dog fancy and what we can do to help.

March 1 is the date Delta will stop flying dogs in crates larger than a 300 size. Goffe said her office has been developing relationships to be able reach out to airlines and have a voice in the conversation.

“Really think about what it is we can do to concisely explain to (the airlines) about our experience flying dogs. Their concerns are liability. We need to think like the airlines,” Goffe said. “Sharing YOUR experiences with us and with the airlines is invaluable.”

Goffe noted that her concerns about United Airlines are regarding breed specific limits.

“American Humane Association provided these guidelines. We’re trying to work with the airline and provide them with the science,” Goffe said. “We can’t make (the airlines) ship our dogs. Our choice is to be a good partner and help them.”

Fake Service Dogs – Just Say No

Flying “not your service dog” is hurting all of us, Goffe said by taking away the credibility of legitimate service dogs.

“When we go in there committing fraud, we are hurting ourselves. It’s understandable why. I’ve shared with airline groups that the more they restrict cargo the more they provide incentive to commit fraud,” Goffe said. “But, if you ever think about putting a vest on a show dog to get it where it’s going, remember you can potentially be putting a person who legitimately needs that help through a very traumatic experience.”


Stick around for a special guest appearance from David Frei discussing Woof by WoofWest, presented by Seattle Kennel Club. This innovative approach to bringing the public to purebred dogs includes “My Dog Can Do That,” as well as a booth with PureDogTalk friend Debra Hamilton on estate planning with your pets, a Veterinarian who can answer general questions, Meet the Breeds and more.


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