Mentor Monday

Mentor Monday: You Can Be the Difference: One Breeder’s Fight for a Cure|Pure Dog Talk

What’s Lurking in your Dog’s DNA? Every breed has something lurking in its DNA.  Some are good, some can be fatal. Pat Fendley’s sacrifice to “save” her breed is a lesson for all breeders. Pat Fendley tells her story of working with the Animal Health Trust in Great Britain by breeding a carrier test litter…


Video: Mentor Monday: Fit and Fun for Your Dog: 8 Exercises to Top Canine Conditioning

8 Simple Exercises for Canine Conditioning From Dixie Rae Sick These simple exercises will help to balance and condition your canine for any sport.  Slow Incline Walk  Slow Downhill Walk  Reach and Drive Cavaletti Stand to Down, Down to Stand Static Stand for Topline Static Stand with Head Movement  Sidestepping Front Play Bow for Shoulders…


Mentor Monday: Junior Handler’s: Wise Beyond Their Years

We Asked Junior Handlers: When showing in both Juniors and in regular conformation, do you show your dog(s) differently? If so, what’s different and what’s the same? Current Juniors, Aged-Out Juniors, and former Junior Handlers that are now Junior Showmanship Judges overwhelmed us with thought-provoking responses. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! READ ALL THE ANSWERS AND…


Mentor Monday: Did the Voice of Westminster Dog Show Inspire Your Canine Desires? David Frei Goes Hollywood!

Did the Voice of Westminster Inspire You? For many of us, Westminster Dog Show was the first time we were tantalized and inspired by all the wonderful dogs that we had never seen or even heard of before. The Voice of Westminster David Frei was “The Voice of Westminster”. For 27 years, David opened our…


Mentor Monday: #1 What?: Right Dog, Right Time, Wrong Plan

Laura Reeves: #1 What? What’s the plan, Stan?  Really, what’s the plan? Great analysis of what to do with what dog you have, who you are competing against, what your skills are, and how much in time and finances do you want to invest. Many good and great dogs compete and receive their AKC Championship…


Mentor Monday: Norma Smith: Handling Help One on One

In the Footsteps of George Alston Norma Smith, Professional Handler with over 250 Best in Shows,  and protege of the renowned George Alston Handling Seminars 3 Suggestions Breathe – Bottom line is to remember to breathe.  Observe the judge’s directions – Judges are on a tight time frame, so be sure to listen.  Go before…


Mentor Monday: Jr Handler to Pro: 10 Tips to Beat the Odds

10 Tips to go from Junior Handler to Professional Dog Handler from PHA Handler Laura Reeves. If you are serious about success as a pro handler, check to see if you have considered this advice.


Mentor Monday: Become a Master Handler – the 4 Levels of Handling Skills

Each of the four levels of handlers require specific building blocks, goals and skill development. Listen as Laura coaches four different handlers at their individual levels.


Mentor Monday: The Three Little Piggies and How They Built a Better Dog

Straw, Sticks and Bricks – Understanding the blueprint to build a brick house foundation for better dogs. How breed history and the breed standard work together, form and function, and learning the language of the standard.