Wednesday Wisdom

dont panic when whelping puppies myra savant harris

Wednesday Wisdom: Don’t Panic When Whelping Puppies: Simple Tips from Myra Savant Harris, RN

Simple Tips from Myra Savant Harris when Whelping Puppies Myra Savant Harris, RN has “whelped” more than her share of babies and puppies as a NICU and Labor and Delivery nurse.  Author of several books and speaker, Myra’s number one tip for whelping puppies is “Don’t Panic”. In Episode 52: The Green Discharge Stuck Puppy…


Wednesday Wisdom: Winning from the Judge’s Perspective: Dog Show Mentor, Lee Whittier | Pure Dog Talk

LEE WHITTIER: Dog Show Mentor Don’t have the time to be a handler’s assistant? Not winning consistently as an owner-handler? Willing to learn and change habits? 3 Simple Tips Before you gloss over these three simple tips, with “yeah, I’ve heard this before”. STOP AND THINK Maybe you heard them before for good reason… and…

crufts best in show - jason lynn

Wednesday Wisdom: On the Road to Crufts Best in Show – Twice: Jason Lynn – from Jr. Handler to Assistant to Breeder Best

Jason Lynn – Jr. Handler to Apprentice to Best in Show Breeder Jason Lynn was a 7-year-old Kentucky boy when he watched a televised replay of the great German Shepherd Dog Manhattan winning Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club in New York City. Although his family did not own a show dog, he was…


Wednesday Wisdom: How to Fight for you Right to Breed: Patti Strand & NAIA

27 Years in Your Corner: Patti Strand and NAIA New Jersey passed the anti-breeder bill.  Think this is not your fight? A litter of 10 labrador retrievers would qualify you as a pet dealer! Patti Strand has championed our cause… the right to own the dog of our choice, to breed champion dogs, to preserve…


Wednesday Wisdom: Sussex Spaniels, Hunt Tests, Search & Rescue Dogs: Pluis Davern Does it All

Sussex Spaniels, Field Trials, Hunt Tests and Search and Rescue: A Two Part Series with Pluis Davern Sussex Spaniel fan or not, the accomplishments of Pluis Davern is a must-listen-to.  Many of us would like to see our dogs instincts at work – in the field, on the hunt, herding, or retrieving on land or…


Wednesday Wisdom: Not a Gene Pool.. a Gene Puddle: Dandie Dinmont Terriers with Betty-Anne Stenmark

Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark: AKC Judge, Author, Activist, and True Contributor to our Sport   Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark wrote the book on Dandie Dinmont Terriers…literally.  Under the King’s Mtn. kennel name, a long line of champions have been bred and an endangered breed preserved to this day. We don’t have a gene pool, we have a…


Wednesday Wisdom: Pat Trotter: Vin-Melca Norwegian Elkhounds & Master Breeder

Vin-Melca’s Top O’ the Mark Any serious or aspiring breeder should study the accomplishments of Pat Trotter and her internationally famous Vin-Melca Norwegian Elkhounds. Top sire and dam in breed history 10 breeder-owner-handled group firsts at Westminster CH Vin-Melca’s Vagabond in the AKC Museum of the Dog Hall of Fame Gaines Research Center’s Girl Show…


Wednesday Wisdom: Pat Laurans: AKC Delegates, Take the Lead, and Pet Disaster

Pat Laurans – AKC Judge, Delegate, AKC Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Delegates are your Voice to the AKC Delegates have unique powers most in the fancy are unaware of.  As a body, they approve rules and guide the AKC.  At times, the delegates can overturn an AKC board decision. Delegates attend quarterly and annual meetings…


Wednesday Wisdom: AKC Judge Suzanne Dillin, Speaks the Hard Truth

Mrs. Suzanne Dillin, with years of breeding and judging experience, speaks the hard truth to exhibitors, breeders, mentors, handlers, and judges. A whirlwind of subjects from Pugs and standards, club mentors and education, favorites that aren’t the big winners, vintage breeders, and more.


Wednesday Wisdom: Bill Shelton: How to Breed a Family of Dogs

What is a Family of Dogs? Great kennels stamp a mark – show the ability to breed successive generations of dogs, whose consistent or improved image reflects the master breeder’s work.  Historically, just the mention of a great master kennel brought immediately to mind an image – the perfect head, type, hunting ability, temperament… of…